Android Ransomware Simplocker Has Gotten More Vicious

Having ransomware on your mobile device is the last thing you want to deal with. Since being discovered 2 months ago, the infamous Simplocker has beefed itself up and can encrypt more files and gain more control over a device. According to Bratislava, Slovakia-based security company ESET, the vicious ransomware has been updated to display English messages instead of Russian text, and demands payments in US dollars instead of Euros. With the latest version of this virus, the ransomware can gain administrator access and make it harder for a user to remove it from their infected device.

With an updated version of the Simplocker, the ransomware can encrypt archives of data such as ZIP, 7z and RAR files. According to ESET's Robert Lipovsky, many Android devices store backups in these file formats which leads to major problems since the attacker can encrypt the files. Before, the Simplocker only encrypted images, documents, and movies that were stored in the device's hard drive or SD card. Now the ransomware has become even more dangerous and can totally take over the entire device.

The way Simplocker infects a device is by pretending to be a media player or some sort of game. When installed, the ransomware ask to become a device administrator. Thats how the Simplocker gains the administrator access making it harder to remove. Just like other viruses that act like law enforcement, the Simplocker displays an official notice telling the user that they have been caught with illegal pornography. Right then and there, you're phone is encrypted and you are asked to pay a fine of $300 via MoneyPak voucher to release your phone from the lockdown.

If you ever come across some bad luck and end up with this ransomware on your device, the Trojan can easily be handled. Go put your wallet back in your pocket and remotely download ESET's Simplocker Decryptor App and get that bad boy off your phone. To avoid ever running into this problem, just follow the golden rule; Never download apps outside of the Google Playstore. Let us know what you think about this crazy virus in the comments below and take a look at the screen shots provided by ESET.

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