Android OTA: Device Updates & Firmware Report – July 25th Edition



HTC One Mini Gets Sense 6 in Europe

HTC One Mini Fido 2



HTC's smaller One is getting Sense 6 in an update rolling out in Europe. No, that doesn't mean the One Mini 2, this is the first one. The HTC One Mini already has Android 4.4 KitKat running with Sense 5.5, but now HTC is bringing it their latest version of the Sense skin. It's not a major upgrade to how the phone handles, but it does bring some improvements to BlinkFeed and some more customization options. The update is 490 MB or so and the software version you're looking or is 4.09.401.3. It's rolling out over Europe in stages, and the AT&T version is said to be getting the update soon as well.

Sprint Brings Knock Code to their LG G2



Knock Code debuted with the currently South Korean-exclusive G Pro 2, but it also hit the G3 when it launched just recently. LG has also been trickling the feature down to the G2, and now Sprint is sending out the update. All this update does – as per Sprint's support page – is add Knock Code, and that's it. The software version you're looking for ends ZVD for this one.

US Galaxy Gear Smartwatches Can Now Swap to Tizen


If you're rocking the original Galaxy Gear still, you'll be interested to hear that you can now bring Tizen to Samsung's first Gear device. This will change how the Galaxy Gear runs significantly, but it should be a welcome change from the Jelly Bean software that Samsung molded to the watch. If you're interested in getting the update, you'll need to download and install KIES, and it's best to follow Samsung's own instructions here.


KitKat Update for the LG G Flex to be Completed in Canada by July

LG-G-Flex-T-Mobile-AH-Review-11Rogers has already started the update to Android 4.4.2 on the G Flex, but LG has now said that throughout Canada the update to KitKat will be completed before July comes to a close. This is the same update that those in the US have been enjoying for some time now, and if you were hoping for a taste of the G3's software, then you'll be a little disappointed with this one.

Moto G Starts Receiving Android 4.4.4 Update




The Moto G has been given the latest version of KitKat both in the UK and on Verizon this week with version 210.12.40 hitting UK users and version 210.12.41 hitting those on Verizon in the States. This update both allows for Motorola Alert to be installed as well as improves the camera a little bit. Android 4.4.4 itself just brings with it some bug fixes and the usual stuff associated with such a small point release.

LG's G3 Gets Display Tweak in Europe




In Europe, the G3 is getting a small update to version V10e, which means devices with the D855 moniker will be getting a small update. This is the first update to roll out for the device in Europe, and it seems to be adjusting saturation and such with the display, resulting in more natural colors. The update should be rolling out now, and shouldn't take long to download.

Xiaomi's Mi 3 Gets First Update in India

Mi3 Large



The Mi 3 has only just launched in India, but already it's getting a sizable update with the KXDMIBE18.0 release, which comes in around 600 MB in size. Most of the update concerns itself with bug fixes and some UI tweaks, but this is a sizable update and the full changelog can be found here.

HTC Begin Android 4.4.3 Rollout to Unlocked and Developer Devices

HTC-One-M8-HTC-Dot-View-Case-AH (02)



HTC have released update files for both the developer edition of the M8 as well as the SIM unlocked variant, which are M8_UL_CA and M8_UL for those curious. The OTA should be rolling out now, but if not there's a download available here. This is Android 4.4.3, and not 4.4.4 but HTC is saying that the update includes all the small updates from the 0.0.1 jump here. Still, this is a sizable download at almost 600MB and the software version you're looking for is 2.22.1540.3.

Exynos-based Galaxy S5 Gets Performance Update



If your Galaxy S5 is an Exynos-powered one, then you might have received an update recently to version XXU1AGN3. This 200MB update contains performance enhancements for the Galaxy S5, and that's about it. People have been reporting that the phone is a little snappier, which is nice to hear.