Android Game Of The Week: Fightback

Beat em' Up or Brawler type games have been around for quite some time, and while this isn't your traditional sidescrolling brawler like Final Fight or even better yet, Double Dragon, Fightback gives the sidescrolling brawler genre of games a nice fresh new look and feel that should delight any gamer who enjoys awesome graphics, sweet, sweet, combat moves, upgrades, weapons and other available items, and just general badassery. Fightback has over 100 levels of floor to floor combat, where you'll take the fight to your enemies with a varied arsenal of weapons and hand to hand combat abilities like sweep kicks, spin kicks mid air, fist fighting, shin kicks, a sort of awesome flying knee attack that looks like it really hurts like hell and much more.

In Fightback you play as a former soldier who has had his sister kidnapped by a yet unknown enemy who you only know by the name of Drago. He is the game's main protagonist and there seems to be some history between you and him, but you won't find that out till later in the game i'm assuming. You'll have to fight tooth and nail through tons of thugs of various types, who also have weapons of their own like bats and giant cleavers just to get your sister back. Can you do it in time before it's too late?

Fightback uses gesture type controls for you to manipulate the character and perform combat moves, buttons appear on screen once you have acquired weapons that allow you to use them if you're in a pinch, which is what I recommend. You don't want to waste your limited ammo on easy fights. You can however replenish your ammo using in game currency, which is also what you use to buy just about everything else from bullet proof vests, to other guns. You also use the in game currency(which you acquire from beating levels)to upgrade your characters attack and defense power, which you will most certainly need as you encounter harder and harder levels. You can string together punches and kicks for devastating combo attacks, and the gesture controls actually make this quite easy to do. Swiping your finger in a circular motion for example tends to either make you perform a lifting knee attack to force an enemy into the air or perform a spin kick. The visuals are pretty and 3D so there's lots of eye candy here, and two modes of play; Story and Endless. You can play endless to rack up cash by fighting waves of enemies and then play through story mode to follow the "campaign" if you will. There are IAP but they're not too in-your-face about it so you can simply ignore them. Fightback is free, and a great little brawler worth checking out.

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