Android Game News Weekly 07/27/14: King Of Fighters 98, Ruzzle Adventure, TMNT, Dungeon Defenders Eternity

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SNK Playmore Drops King Of Fighters 98 For Androidunnamed

There have already been a couple of the King of Fighters games on Android from SNKPlaymore, their most recent being a rhythm game adaption of the popular fighting game franchise from back in the flourishing days of the Arcade, as we wasted coin after coin on the neo geo machine trying to best our opponents. King of Fighters 98, which was probably one of the best games in the entire franchise, has finally made its way over to Android for all gamers who adore the combat and nostalgia from fighting games like this one. The game is toted as a perfect neo geo port but with some added features. All the memorable 38 characters are here and the game supports Bluetooth multiplayer, and it features two game modes with extra and advanced. It’ll set you back $3.99

Ruzzle Adventure Brings More Word Scramble Excitement Than The Original Ruzzle Adventure

If you were a fan of the original Ruzzle than you will absolutely love Ruzzle adventure. Unlike the original Ruzzle this game takes a solo approach, but you do get certain social aspects. You of course will have the option of boosters for levels that prove to be a bit more challenging, and if things are too easy in the slow mode of Ruzzle Adventure, you can speed things up and play at a faster pace so that the game can really test your skills. Ruzzle Adventure also supports multiple languages and can help your practice words from your vocabulary in those languages, which kind of gives the game a somewhat learning element, making it more than a game. Ruzzle Adventure is also free.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Tie In Game Is Here And It’s AmazingTMNT

If you thought the days of TMNT games(the really good ones)were over then you are now sorely mistaken. The movie tie in game for the upcoming Michael Bay film adaption of the popular children’s cartoon is out now and published by Nickelodeon, and it definitely offers up a lot and is really quite good. It might actually come off as a surprise as plenty of movie tie in games are poorly executed. Nickelodeon and the games developers have done a great job with this one however and it conjures up a hefty amount of excitement to be had by the gamer, especially if you played and enjoyed the TMNT video games from the past on older consoles. You can play in either survival mode or story mode, with story mode being the real star here, as the story is written by Tom Waltz who is the guy behind the authorship of the comic series on IDW publishing. There are weapon upgrades, you can play as all four turtles, and there is familiar side scrolling beat-em up action. The graphics also look pretty great. What more could you ask for? Turtle fans set aside $4 and grab this game.

Dungeon Defenders Eternity From Trendy Entertainment Comes To AndroidDungeon Defenders Eternity

Do you remember the original Dungeon Defenders games? They originally were released for Android a couple years back, and they provided some awesome gameplay. The mix of Tower Defense style elements with dungeon crawler type combat was unique and a bit challenging to get used to, but nevertheless it was lots of fun especially if you liked RPG style games. Dungeon Defenders disappeared for a time with not so much as a whisper as to what was next from the team at Trendy, but now we know what they have been working on all this time. Dungeon Defenders Eternity. This game looks utterly gorgeous, and vastly improved graphics wise over the last game, which was also quite stunning in the graphics department. What makes it even more awesome is that it has already released and is available for download for the price of $9.99 on the Play Store, what makes it not so awesome is that it seems to have limited compatibility at the moment as I couldn’t download it to my Nexus 4. The game features 4 player online co-op mode and features 12 playable hero classes, which is quite a step up from the original as well. The best feature? Arguing about which hero is the best on the Dungeon Defenders Eternity forums. If you have a supported device(which seems to be anything Tegra powered at this point, and we’ll assume that means Tegra 3 and 4)and ten bucks to let go of, grab the game now.