Android Game News Weekly 07/14/14: Plague Inc., Leo's Fortune, Lost Toys, Endless Skater


Plague Inc. Gets Planet Of The Apes Updateunnamed

Plague Inc. is a game about strategy and infection simulation, where you have to try and spread a virus throughout the entire world. This is perfect because that's exactly how the new Planet of The Apes movie develops, with the apes rising to power and taking over earth as a result of a virus that gets spread throughout mankind. Plague Inc.'s newest update partners with the movie studio and ties in some Planet of The Apes background, tasking you with infecting the whole planet like before, but this time the end goal is for the apes to take over and completely rise to power. Miniclip is appropriately calling this the simian flu update, and if you think you have what it takes to infect the world and bring out your inner ape, make sure to hit the update button from the Play Store link. Plague Inc. is free to download.

Beautiful Platformer Leo's Fortune Comes To AndroidLeo's Fortune

Leo's Fortune was a platformer that released first on iOS, and last week it finally got launched in the Play Store. Google demoed this game at Google I/O back in June, and to our surprise it actually didn't take long for the game's development studio to release it to Android gamers everywhere. We half expected this to release with the official launch of Android TV whenever that may be, but thankfully that isn't the case. If you want to help the fuzzy little fur ball search for and get back all of his stolen gold, drop $4.99 and Leo's Fortune can be yours.

Lost Toys Is A Stunning And Challenging 3D Puzzle GameLost Toys

When it comes to puzzle games, titles of this magnitude are hard to ignore. Lost Toys takes stunningly real 3D graphics and a pairs them with goals of strategic thinking to work your way through each and every puzzle that the game has to offer. Lost Toys has you spin and rotate the different pieces of the discarded mixed up toys that are lost and forgotten from childhood, so that you might form them into the correct shape to complete the toy. There are 4 chapters and 32 levels total to complete, and two play modes with standard and unlimited so you can either play through the story or simply solve puzzles to your hearts content. Lost Toys can be picked up for $2.99 in the Play Store.


Transworld Endless Skater Lets Your Bring Out Your Inner Wood PusherTransworld Endless Skater

It's not Tony Hawk, but that's just fine if you have been waiting for a decent skating game, for free mind you, to drop in the Play Store. Endless Skater is not your open world skate game which is a little disappointing, but for free it is actually pretty fun. The levels are endless, as you could probably tell, so pick your favorite out of the five real pro skaters and perform tons of tricks from the traditional kickflip to a 720 crossbone. String together multiple tricks for insane combos and rack up your score. You can upgrade your skaters stats to learn more tricks and better your performance. The main goal is to take your skater of choice and land them a photo spot for the cover of Transworld magazine. Can you take your skater to new heights? Transworld Endless Skater is free to play and does have some IAP, but they don't seem to be too game impacting.