Android Game News Weekly 07/06/2014: OUYA Everywhere, Soulcraft II, Hercules, Gods Will Be Watching


Latest Mad Catz M.O.J.O. Update Brings OUYA Everywhere InitiativeMadCatz-MOJO-Review-2

Micro Consoles are still not dead, and perhaps that's because they still have a place in our living rooms. However you feel about the Android based micro consoles, they're continuing to evolve. The Mad Catz M.O.J.O. is one of those and it's latest update brings forward the OUYA everywhere initiative that OUYA had talked about to expand its reach of OUYA titles on other platforms. This will come in the form of an OUYA app that can be installed on the M.O.J.O. with tons of the OUYA specific games configured for the console and its controller. If you have a M.O.J.O. you probably already have the update or will be receiving it soon. The new update also adds 4KUHD support in case you have a TV with that resolution.

Soulcraft II League Of Angels Launches On The Play Store

Soulcraft II

If you were a fan of the original Soulcraft RPG hack and slash game or you just like hacking and slashing demons to bits, the sequel, Soulcraft II League of Angels released just this week. The game seems to be every bit updated from the last one, with better visuals and better controls, and overall better gameplay. It's a F2P title just like the last and does support IAP, but from what little I have played so far it isn't a bad game. Although I recommend staying away from the "Phoenix" character type as I found the main attack to be a little slow for my personal taste. Overall it's a pretty linear dungeon crawler/hack n slash type game compared to others, but there are quests and such and plenty of action, plus it's free. Check it out.


Hercules The Official Game From Glu Hacks Its Way Onto AndroidHercules

Normally we see most official movie title games from Gameloft, but to help hype the upcoming movie Hercules, Glu has released Hercules the Official game onto the Play Store this week. This is a dueling hack and slash title similar to what you might find in Death Dome, but obviously set in the Greek mythological time of Hercules the demi-god. You'll have to survive the 12 labors and duel your way through peril and many a foe to master an arsenal of weapons. New character unlocks and special attacks and finishing moves should  keep things fresh and exciting, and there's even a tag battle system to utilize multiple characters and not just Hercules himself. The game is F2P with IAP, if you hack n slash duel titles give it a shot.

Gods Will Be Watching Is A New Upcoming Point And Click Adventure Gamegods-will-be-watching-androd-game

Point and Click adventure titles are definitely a gaming throwback. If you ever played games on your PC as a kid you should be familiar with the genre and what they have to offer. Usually they incorporate big stories with decision making, allowing the gamer to somewhat shape the outcome of the game although not always. With Gods Will Be Watching that aspect is no different, but it will ask players to make hard choices filled with moral dilemma in order to survive. Gods Will Be Watching will have puzzle like elements as well, and even ask the gamer to solve a math problem here and there. As the games developers state, there is no good, no evil, just decisions that need to be made. The choice will be yours, but just know that the gods will be watching.