Android Game New Weekly 07/20/14: Cardcast, Warhammer 40k: Carnage, Dead Trigger 2, Hitman GO

Cardcast Brings The Crazy Hilarity Of Cards Against Humanity To Chromecast

This isn't the first introduction of a Cards Against Humanity style game on the Chromecast, but it certainly looks like a nicer alternative. Dehumanize Your Friends(formerly known as Casts Against Civility before they were asked to change the name)was actually the first of this type to hit the Play Store for Chromecast use. Cardcast actually looks to have a fairly nice user interface, a little more eye pleasing than all the purple in Dehumanize your friends, and it seems that memorable cards and familiar play are at work here, so if you've ever played the original Cards Against Humanity you should have no trouble at all understanding this game. With Cardcast, just open up the app and let every player connect up to the Chromecast, and then you can pick your decks and you're ready to play. The game supports up to 10 players with a minimum of 2, and it's also free.

Warhammer 40K: Carnage Update Brings Dark Angel Character Plus New Content

Warhammer 40K: Carnage seems to have gotten its first content update this week, bringing with it some of the new level content that was promised. This will be the first of a few updates, so there should be at least one or two more. New level content is not the only thing that was added into the game though as gamers now have a new character to play, after unlocking just like you had to do with the Blood Angel space marine. The Dark Angel is now the new space marine playable character, with a green color and a new weapon called the plasma gun comes along for the ride too. If you're already playing Warhammer 40K: Carnage, be sure to update. The Dark angel is unlockable like the Blood Angel but not by gaemplay progression this time, not directly at least. It will cost you 30 gold to unlock the Dark Angel, which you can acquire through game progression, but you also can only acquire a certain amount so be sure to save it to grab this new character.

Dead Trigger 2 Gets Updated With Tournaments And New Content

Dead Trigger 2 received a new update this week, and it's not your typical new content update that brings along some new levels. Yes, there are some of those as well, but the main highlight seems to be the included tournaments with this update that give the gamers a chance to win some actual real prizes and not just in game loot or cash. Old story campaigns are now open and replayable, but there is also a ton of new campaign content through the new Europe campaign, as well as a couple new purchasable guns with the Area 51 gun(which looks like the alien blaster from the first Dead Trigger)and the Metal Storm which sounds like it shoots out shrapnel or something like that. For the tournaments part, Madfinger hasn't listed any of the prizes, as they'll only be unveiling those details just before the tournament starts which will be on a weekly basis, starting each weekend. Tournaments require Tech level 5, so get to killin' and earn some cash if you aren't quite there yet.

Hitman GO Gets First Content Update, Adds In New Gameboard

Hitman GO just got the first content update this week, called the Airport update, which adds a new gameboard with 15 new levels. The new content can be acquired in one of two ways. You can finish the game and beat all the previous levels, thus unlocking the Airport gameboard, or you can unlock it immediately for $0.99. For the impatient, that will be your option. There are also the usual performance improvements and bug fixes, as well as a few new game mechanics. There is a new guard type that stays on high alert and can watch two separate lines at once, so be careful of those. You can also now skip your turn and wait for guards or approaching enemies to pass so you can take them out. There is also a new civilian mode where you can stay undercover until you perform your first move. If you're already playing Hitman GO, you now have more incentive to finish.


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