Android How To: Enter Download Mode on the LG G3


For many, entering download mode on the LG G3 probably isn't a big deal. But if you've rooted and are looking to unroot your LG G3 for an OTA, or to send back to your carrier/manufacturer, etc., you'll need to know how to enter download mode. We're going to do a full tutorial on flashing stock with the .kdz and .tot files later on though, so keep an eye out for that. Entering download mode is quite easy, and relatively the same on all LG devices. Here's how we do it.

How To Enter Download Mode on the LG G3

  1. Power Off your LG G3
  2. Now press the Volume Up button and hold it
  3. Plug in your LG G3 into your computer using a microUSB cable
  4. After a few seconds it should jump into download mode
  5. Now you are ready to start flashing with LG's Flash Tool.

That's it. Pretty simple right? For those that might need a little extra help, we've recorded a short video showing exactly how to jump into download mode. It's really easy. As always, if you have any questions or comments, be sure to leave them in the comments down below.