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Amazon has been pushing 3D full tilt lately, and it looks like they are ready to add another checkbox to their list of 3D things, starting today.  Amazon's Fire Phone might have some crazy 3D cameras and a 3D user interface because of them, but now Amazon is launching 3D custom printed objects that you can order right from their store, and right now there are over 200 custom objects that you can order for a number of various uses.  The big draw here is that you can choose an object like a phone case or a GoPro camera mount and customize it yourself, choosing the color and any additional options the item may have, and then that item is printed and shipped to you right after you order it.

This brings 3D printing into the home in a way that hasn't really been possible before, especially since it's on as big of a commerce website as Amazon is.  The big difference here is that instead of just ordering a product and picking the color you want, you can also choose between materials used to make the item, style, size, colors and further customization like text and images.  Once you've finalized your selections you'll be able to view the object in full rotatable 3D before placing your order.  Right now there's anything from toys to jewelry, home decor to phone cases and everything inbetween available at Amazon's 3D Printing Store. It's all very impressive to say the least, and you can do it without having to have your own 3D printer, which still costs an arm and a leg anyway.


Designs of phone cases in particular seem to outdo other pre-made cases that you can buy, including 3D skulls that protrude from the case, football/soccer goalies with intricate nets behind them, and just about anything you can think of that will inevitably be added to the store.  Check out the link below and see it for yourself, it's rather amazing and it's available right now!

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