Alleged Renders and Details of Xperia Z3X Hint at 6.14-inch Trimaster OLED Smartphone


  While there's never really any shortage to rumors about upcoming Sony devices, they're rarely as detailed as this, nor are they rumors for something so far off in the future. Coming out of China is word of the Xperia Z3X, which is presumably a superior version of the Xperia Z3 which we're expecting to launch this Fall. This Xperia Z3X is pegged to feature a Snapdragon 810, a 22-megapixel camera and Sony's Trimaster El OLED display technology. With a whole bunch of specifics, this 2015 device already sounds like a pretty impressive piece of hardware.

Starting with that display, the rumor details a 6.14-inch Trimaster El OLED display with a resolution of 2560 x 1152, with very little bezel said to be seen on the device's front. While not exactly commonplace for Sony, they do produce OLED panels, which only go up to 25-inches and this display is the first time it's been mentioned in a mobile application. In the past, Sony devices have struggled with their displays, but an OLED display like this should give even Samsung something to worry about. Under the hood, a Snapdragon 810 is said to be running the show with 4GB of RAM onboard, but we're skeptical about such an amount of RAM to say the least, but the Xperia Z2 does feature 3GB as standard.

Android L is of course rumored here and if you've been looking forward to a Sony device that can replace your digital point-and-shoot, the Z3X might be that device. With a 2/3" Curved Exmors-RS CMOS sensor capturing 22-megapixels hides behind an f/1.2 G lens and there's a lens attachment complete with grip, professional flash and a microphone to boot. All of which can be seen in the render below.


How does this rumor shape up? Well, the 64-bit Snapdragon 810 is pegged for a 2015 release and it has been a long time since Sony did something radically different in the mobile space, so the Xperia Z3X could be the result of years of research and we already know that Sony can deliver quality imaging components as we saw with the Xperia Z1 and Z2. With a release date of somewhere in 2015, it's hard to say if this rumor holds much weight or not, but this is one hell of a device that's for sure.


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