AH Giveaway: Braven BRV-X Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

July 11, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

That’s right, we’re giving away another Bluetooth speaker from Braven. For those of you unaware, Braven is one of the top Bluetooth speaker manufacturers around. But they don’t just make Bluetooth speakers anymore, they also have a really rugged battery pack, the BRV-Bank. But everything they make is pretty rugged, so rugged in fact that you can run it over with your car and it won’t even dent these things. We reviewed the Braven BRV-X Speaker earlier this year and we’re really impressed with it. It is a bit big, but it does produce amazing sound and is pretty rugged. We did a drop test outside on the sidewalk and it actually bounced and didn’t leave a mark. Which is pretty amazing.

The Braven BRV-X also has an indoor and outdoor mode, so it’ll be louder outdoors so you can actually hear your music, which makes sense, right? It also has NFC, so you can easily tap your phone on the back of the speaker and have it pair with your phone instead of doing it manually. Which may not seem like a big deal, but it really is once you get used to it. It’s a really fantastic speaker, and one I’d recommend to anyone, but that doesn’t just go for the BRV-X either. All of their other speakers are top notch as well.

So about that Giveaway. We are giving away a Braven BRV-X Bluetooth Speaker. We are starting the contest….NOW, and it’ll last until July 18th at midnight. So make sure you get your entries in. You’ll just need to follow the directions in the widget below. Now remember you just need to login and leave a comment below to be entered, all of the other stuff is for extra entries. And you can come back everyday for an additional entry.

Good luck everyone!