20 Armed Men Rob a Samsung Facility in Sao Paulo Brazil

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This may sound like a scene from one of your favorite mobster movies but the following news is true and kind of sucks for one of Samsungs facilities. 20 armed men with submachine guns raided a Samsung factory in the county side of S£o Paulo Brazil and stole $36 Million worth of merchandise. The men held hostage a number of employees, removing the batteries of their cell phones so they couldn’t call the police. Over 200 other staff went on about their business as there was nothing they could do. The armed robbers loaded seven trucks with smartphones, laptops and tablets, in a matter of three hours.

According to the police, the armed men were disguised as Samsung employees which got them access to the building just a little bit after midnight. Fortunate enough, nobody was hurt and the gang that raided the facility wasn’t violent in any way. In a statement made by Samsung, “We are very concerned about this incident. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. We are fully cooperating with the ongoing police investigation, and we will do our best to avoid it happening again.” Hopefully Samsung can avoid this situation again because that was $36 Million stolen in one night, not to mention these men did it in only 3 hours. Who knows what kind of damage can be done if a scenario were to play out like that again.

The police are currently investigating the robbery and believe it’s an inside job due to the fact that these robbers knew where to go in the building to gain access to valuable products. Non-employees wouldn’t have a clue about the inside of this Samsung factory, which gives police all the clues they need to investigate this massive raid. Its amazing how no one was hurt during this ordeal, the armed men made off with millions in gadgets that will more than likely go on sale in the black market. If so, that could possibly help the police track down these men and put them behind bars for committing such an act. So far this is the only information we have, further details should surface as the police continue to investigate this crime.