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Hodor. Hodor hodor hoder HODOR!  If that makes you chuckle, then you may be in for some fun.  If that makes you cringe, you might enjoy this one a bit more.  The Hodor keyboard, which turned whatever you typed into 'hodor', paying homage to the lovable character from Game of Thrones (also named Hodor, having only that word in his vocabulary).  This time around, we have a clever and silly app, with a more impressive background to learn about.  Introducing Yo.


Yo.  That's essentially all there is to say about Yo.  Confused?  Let me explain.  Yo is an app that, according to the developer, is a "single-tap zero character communication tool", which lets anyone with the app know you're thinking about them, missing them, asking if they're free to hang out, want to get dinner, or wondering if they hate you for last night's shenanigans.  It's also great for letting mom and dad know you're thinking of them at college or university.  It's perfect for letting those that care know you landed safely and are getting your luggage from baggage claim.  So many uses, one word: Yo.

The history of Yo is quite more than interesting.  See, the developer of Yo got funding to build this app.  $1 million in funding to build this app. Million.  Yeah, that's a million dollars to build up an app that sends Yo to your friends, free for you, the end user.  But what?  It really is that simple.

But really, the developer has plans for Yo.  Plans for one word interactions?  Yes.  The developer, Or Arbel, hopes and plans to expand past Yo'ing friends and family, with the possibility of instant notification(s) between sports teams and their fans,  like scoring against the other team, or starting the game, finishing the game, etc.  The idea of expanding the app's horizons sounds great, but as of right now, it's a silly fun app that lets you Yo, I mean you a friend all day long.  Best part?  The app sends a voice notification, a verbal 'Yo' to the recipient as well as your heart-felt Yo.  Also, the app is available from both Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store.


Just download, choose an available username, add friends that have it downloaded via their username, and Yo to your hearts' content.

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