Xiaomi to Launch 4G-Capable Smartphones 'Soon'



For a long time now, Xiaomi has been a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the Asian smartphone market. They've been steadily rising to the top of the Chinese market and are now one of the most recognizable smartphone brands in China and they're now moving into Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. It's rumored that India is to be the next big market for Xiaomi to break into and then the company will continue its slow move into more Western markets. Of course, for Xiaomi there's a bigger, arguably more important move to be made at home; the adoption of 4G LTE networks.


In China, LTE might still be very new, but it's been a long time coming and as a lot of devices like Oppo's new N1 Mini and the R3 now support 4G networks and are ready for the rollout across the nation. However, Xiaomi's devices have been stuck with 3G networks for some time now. Speaking in Taiwan, Xiaomi's co-founder and President, Bin Lin, said that "Our research and development on 4G phones is in full swing" and that the company is "hoping to launch 4G phones as soon as possible". As well as 4G smartphones in China, Bin Lin said that these devices would make their way to Taiwan soon as well, focusing on TD-LTE support in China and LTE support in Taiwan.

While we're not sure if this means Xiaomi will be updating their Mi3S devices with 4G or introducing new models altogether, we're sure that the introduction of 4G support into their range will help further boost their brand image and more than likely make their devices more attractive to importers, depending on which bands and frequencies they end supporting. Either way, moving to 4G is an important step for any phone manufacturer, but for one as popular as Xiaomi it could help the rollout of 4G in the area overall.

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