Will Google Soon Become A Wireless Service Provider?

Wireless service providers such as AT&T and Verizon Wireless may finally have something to fear. The T-Mobile and Sprint merger doesn't even compare to this madness. If you thought that Google couldn't get any bigger and do more then search up Christmas recipes or just practically provide you with everyday living, think again. A recent acquisition by one of the largest companies in the world gives us a lot of evidence that Google plans on becoming a wireless service provider. What acquisition may this be that is causing Google to take this route? Well you may never have heard of them but a small start-up called Alpental Technologies was recently acquired by Google. There isn't too much to be known about this start-up other than that they were led by former engineers Pete Gelbman and Mike Hart of the company Clearwire.

This information was spotted by Geekwire and when they approached Pete Gelbam to ask about the recent acquisition, Gelbman directed them to Google PR in which their response was "I can confirm that we're excited to welcome the Alpental team to Google, and that they joined a few weeks back, but we don't have any other details to share." Not really the answer they were looking for but a confirmation about the acquisition was a start. All that is really known about Alpental before they were acquired by Google is that they were developing technology related to the next generation of wireless networks which in fact will be 5G. Another little tidbit of information is that Atheros Communications CEO Craig Barratt, who is now a senior vice president at Google, led the Alpental Technologies acquisition. Craig Barratt is also working on Google's municipal wi-fi. All of this rumored technology is speculated to be done through Google Fiber.

These little steps that Google is making has caused many of us to think about what Google has up their sleeve. It could be possible that they will be behind the development of 5G networks or trying to deliver the next generation of broadband internet to homes and offices. Whatever Google's ambitions are in this fast moving market will certainly propel them forward and really give other companies a run for their money and technology.

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