Want to Watch Amazon Announce Their First Phone Live? Too Bad



Amazon is announcing their first smartphone later on today and while the device has leaked out a fair few times over the last few weeks, it seems that Amazon isn't as geared up to launch such a device as we first thought. We've learned that while press invites were sent out weeks in advance, the subsequent confirmation didn't come until very recently, leaving some journalists hanging. More than that however, is the disappointing news that Amazon won't be livestreaming the event for people to watch online. We can understand any company wanting to tightly control a launch like this, but the lack of a livestream seems somewhat bizarre in this day and age.


Not only will this make things difficult for folks like ourselves who couldn't attend the event and want to cover it all the same, but it also dampens the hype somewhat throughout tech circles looking to tune in live. No matter though, as we will try our best to get the news out as quickly as possible. The somewhat rocky handling of the launch so far doesn't leave us with huge confidence, but for Amazon to launch a product like this into a highly competitive market, we're sure that Amazon has done their homework, but we have to say it doesn't look like Amazon has launched this device as most other companies would do.

So far, the leaks have been pointing to a 4.7-inch device with glasses-free 3D sort of antics going on and it could very well turn out to be an AT&T exclusive, which is hardly surprising judging from their LTE partnership on the Kindle Fire tablets. The device is set to be announced later on today and hopefully by then, we'll know everything we need to know about the device. Are you looking forward to what Amazon has to offer? Let us know in the comments below.

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