Virgin Mobile Announces $25 Unlimited Talk and Text

June 17, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Today, Sprint MVNO Virgin Mobile announced a new plan for those on Virgin Mobile or looking to switch over. This is a $25 plan and includes unlimited talk and text. But no 3G or 4G data. Which is a great plan for those that might work from home, like myself. It’s even great for your parents or grandparents who don’t really use their smartphone as a smartphone. Although it would be nice to have a 1GB plan with throttled data after that. This plan is only available for a limited time as well. Virgin Mobile is running this promotion from now until September 2nd, 2014. This new plan also is debuting with a new Daily mobile hotspot that will cost you $5/day. It gives you 250MB of data for that $5 as well. Which isn’t bad actually. Of course, since this is Virgin Mobile, there are no contracts or agreements here. As Virgin Mobile is a prepaid carrier.

You can add this new plan today. It can also be paired with a number of Virgin Mobile smartphones. Remember that because Virgin Mobile is a CDMA network (running off of Sprint’s network) you can’t just bring an unlocked device over to Virgin Mobile, like the OnePlus One. But Virgin Mobile has a ton of great devices already. There’s the Kyocera Hydro Vibe which we just reviewed recently, also the LG Volt 4G LTE which has Sprint Spark connectivity, and the LG Optimus F3, Virgin Mobile Awe, and the Samsung Galaxy Ring. Lots of great phones available from Virgin Mobile right now. Remember that you’re not paying a subsidized price here for your phone. Since Virgin Mobile is a prepaid carrier, you’re paying full price for these devices, which is why there’s a lot of mid-range and low-end devices here.

How many of you are interested in this $25 plan from Virgin Mobile? Any takers? Let us know in the comments down below.