Vibify Helps You Be Aware Of All Your Important Notifications

If you you use a lot of applications and/or are active within more than a few or even just one social media network, you probably get tons of notifications. Throw in missed calls, text messages, emails, the occasional notification from a game or two, app updates, and anything else that might throw a notification up in your status bar, and it can all become a little too overwhelming at times. So many notifications coming through can sometimes cause you to just put off checking them from time to time, or you're frantically checking them so as not to miss anything important. That's the key though. Making sure you get to the important notifications, while everything else is simply an after thought and can be dealt with later on when you have some free time to spare.

So how does one go about establishing which notifications are important and worth checking without picking up their phone and going through each and every one? If you're on a more recent Samsung device then you have the Smart Alert feature at your disposal, which basically has a way of telling you that the notifications that have come in are important. For everyone else, there's an app called Vibify that can be downloaded that will give you the same function of the Smart Alert feature.

With Vibify, you can set which apps that give notifications are important and which ones are not, and when an important notification comes through, Vibify will gently vibrate once you pick up your device to let you know that you have a notification from one of the apps in the important list. It's quick and easy and quite honestly can save you a few minutes of time during the day, and we all know how just a few extra minutes can make a big difference once in a while. If you're worried about battery consumption, don't be. Vibify consumes battery using wakelock only in one situation, and that's when the screen is off and the device has been sitting still for seven seconds or more. There are a few other useful features of Vibify as well like the option to turn the screen on upon vibration, and the option to turn off Vibify when your device battery is getting low. The app is free right now because it's in a beta stage and can be downloaded from XDA. Once the app is out of beta, the creator says it will be uploaded to the Play Store.

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