Unannounced Sony Device With Model Number D6653 Listed On Indonesian Postel Site

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A new Sony phone model number has popped up on a list at the Indonesian postel regulatory site. The device in question comes bearing the model number D6653, which is a new variant of the D6603 we saw details on earlier this year. As with most OEMs, Sony usually follows a pattern with devices and model numbers. The Sony Xperia Z2 for example was D6503, so it stood to reason that the D6603 we saw pop up in the benchmark test earlier in the year could have been Sony’s new flagship.

A replacement flagship wouldn’t come with less RAM or lower specs however than its predecessor which is what we were seeing with the D6603 coming in with 2GB. Since the Xperia Z2 has 3GB of RAM it wasn’t likely that Sony would be packing the Xperia Z3 with 2GB and downgrading the specs. It is however possible that the information details about the RAM were incorrect or that Sony was simply testing the device with hardware and specs that it never plans to launch the phone with. We realize it’s a little early to start speculating on actual hardware specs for the successor to the Xperia Z2 so we won’t delve too much into it.

Although there aren’t any details about the device at all other than the model number, there are two things to consider here that may have us looking at the device that Sony has planned for us next after the Z2. As we stated above, D6653 follows succession of model numbers for the Xperia Z2, and as Xperia Blog points out, devices that show up on the Indonesian postel regulatory site usually end up getting released at some point in the future. With those two piece of information in hand, the device listed here may be the Sony Xperia Z3 but it’s also possible that we could be looking at a variant of it meant specifically for another market. For now there isn’t much to know as a model number doesn’t tell us much, but Sony is slated to announce some new devices in the fall so this may not be the last we see of the D6653 model number.