Towelroot App From Geohot Gives Verizon And ATT Galaxy S5 Phones Root Access

So far there has been one major issue with the Galaxy S5 from Samsung. The fact that the Verizon and the AT&T Galaxy S5 models have not been able to achieve root access so far. At least that's the issue for some users on either of those two networks. That problem looks to have been solved by none other than Geohot who is a well known developer from XDA, through his simple method of using an app he created that takes care of the root process for you called Towelroot. The app doesn't just root those phones though as it claims to root a few others as well, and potentially many other devices. So far word has spread that the GS5 on the two largest wireless carriers here in the U.S. can in fact be rooted with this apk, and that Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy S4 Active can be rooted using Towelroot as well.

While there has been no word of the root bounty for the Galaxy S5 being claimed, which in total had reached right around $18,000 for the individual who would be able to achieve root access for the phone. It's required to provide detailed instructions on how to do so, so that others could hopefully and safely I might ad, re-create the results and achieve root access on their Galaxy S5 devices as well. We're also not sure if root using this app falls under the requirements of the bounty or not, but that doesn't really matter if you're not someone who was trying to claim the bounty in the first place. If you're simply just a user who has a Galaxy S5 on either Verizon Wireless or AT&T, and would like to root your phone so you can begin using some of the great root require apps and hopefully start partaking in custom ROMs soon, you can apparently do so using this app method. You can grab the apk for Towelroot here at the main website for the application, and make sure to back up everything that you need just in case. better safe than sorry in these situations right?

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