Top Android Homescreen June 6th Edition: Mist

June 6, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz


This weeks homescreen is a setup using multiple apps and widgets. The homescreen was created by an individual called 21Marco12 and is titled Mist. It’s a 5 page setup so there are multiple homescreens with all kinds of information. It’s also a minimalism homescreen so for those of you that love sleek and elegant looking homescreens with a simple approach, you couldn’t do much better than Mist.

I should point out that even though you can get this homescreen setup by putting together the multiple apps and widgets as described, it’s also available as a Themer .Zip setup if you use Themer, which can be downloaded from the link here at the Mycolorscreen page for this homescreen. First off what you’ll need to have to make this homescreen setup work is Nova Launcher. It isn’t mentioned whether you need Nova Launcher Prime or not, but you’re better off with it as it gives you more customization options. Second you’ll need to download Zooper Pro Widgets, which is another reason why I suspect that Nover Launcher Prime may be needed. Lastly you’ll need to download Media Utilities.

The setup is fairly simple and you have all the instructions laid out on the page for the homescreen. Once your there make sure to hit the love button up at the top and don’t forget to “zoom” the picture to show the creator a little appreciation. The wallpaper is also linked in the comments thread on the mycolorscreen page, which I have linked above. If you like this homescreen let us know in the comments and if you have your own homescreen to share feel free to link to it in the comments as well.