Top 10 Android Games May 2014


Trials FrontierAH-Trials Frontier

For those who missed our game of the week featuring this title, Trials Frontier is a physics based racer where you explore a huge world on your MX bike. There are over 50+ hours of gameplay according to the devs, tons of bikes and bike parts to upgrade, and tons of gold to be had. Some bikes require blueprints to be assembled so you can build it, but you'll have to complete special tasks for people in town or finish races in first place to grab them. It supports gamepads including the Phonejoy, so if you'd rather play with traditional controls you can. The game is free with IAP.

Monument ValleyAH Monument Valley

If you crave puzzle like gameplay and yearn for a great in game soundtrack to go along with your every move, Monument Valley just might be the best game of the year so far in its genre. The fantastically rich story from ustwogames plays nice with the tribute to monuments and places from around the world, and you will most certainly be captivated by what feels like an M.C. Escher inspired art style with optical illusions. The game is described as easy to play by the devs, and is a game experience that no fan of puzzles should miss. Picking up Monument Valley will set you back $3.99, grab it from the Play Store link here.


OTTTD isn't just your classic tower defense game. It has tower defense elements meshed together with a little bit of RTS, but is arguably one of the most fun TD games you should ever lay eyes on. This is one of the only TD games I know of that incorporates large epic boss battles, and the graphics are nothing to scoff at. Appropriately named Over The Top Tower Defense, you'll love the over the top eccentricities and all the upgrades. If you love tower defense, this is one to add to your library without a doubt. OTTTD will set you back $2.99, and you can grab it from the Play Store link here.


Nun Attack Origins: Yuki's Silent QuestNunAttack Origins

Nun Attack Origins: Yuki's Silent Quest is a bit different from the other Nun Attack games, as this title is more of an action and puzzle/platformer, but has the same flare and excitement of the previous Nun Attack titles. In Nun Attack Origins you play as Yuki, the ninja nun master who runs the orphanage and must save the kidnapped orphans from danger and despair. This is the origins after all, so the story tells the harrowing tale of Yuki as she saves the orphan girls destined to grow up and become the Nun heroes from the previous games. There are over 90 different levels and plenty of orphans to save, so do your best to save every last one. Nun-Jutsu required. Nun Attack Origins: Yuki's Silent Quest will cost you a cool $1.99 to play, and you can grab it from the Play Store link here.

JoyJoyAH-JoyJoy logo

JoyJoy is Radian games newest twin stick shooter. There's plenty of fun to be had here as you try to last through 24 action packed and fast paced waves of enemies with six different challenges to overcome. Once you get through every wave don't think you've got the game beat. There are 5 difficulty levels to master and various weapon upgrades to help you through the trying times as you progress through the harder modes. JoyJoy does support gamepads like the MOGA if you prefer traditional controls, although it's unclear as to what other types if any you can connect up for play. In my personal experience it hasn't worked with the Phonejoy controller yet, but others may work. If you have an itchy trigger finger and love the chaos of twin stick shooters, pick up JoyJoy for $1.99 from the Play Store link here.

Steampunk Towerunnamed (2)

Steampunk is the latest from Chillingo. Technically this is a tower defense game, but not in the fashion that most people may be used to playing. You have one single tower to defend from the onslaught of waves of enemies, so rather than defend a base with multiple defense towers and weapons systems, you have one single tower to defend with weapons that you mount to your tower. The steampunk theme really kind of brings the game to life, and the idea of defending a tower that you're trying to build up to the heavens is a nice change of pace from the norm. The game is free with IAP, and you can grab it from the Play Store link here.


Mother Of MythAH Mother of Myth

Mother of Myth is a greek mythology inspired Action-RPG title that features an intuitive swipe battle and combat system for attacks, with the capability to collect and harness the power of the fiercest gods from Athena to Zeus himself. The game includes a single player mode as well some intense PvP battles between other players. You can forge and equip god like armor and weapons for stronger attacks and defenses. All in all it looks like a fun action title with some pretty good 3D worlds, and is worthy of being in the Top 10. The game is free to play and offers IAP. You can grab it from the Play Store link here.

Elements: Epic HeroesAH Elements: Heroes

This new action-rpg from Gamevil should provide some epic fun. It has some mmo type feels to it and includes infinite tower play which seems like an endless wave mode, testing to see how far up the tower players can go. It includes real time raid bosses, and you'll have to team up with four other players to take them down. The game boasts simple tap to move controls and tap for attacks. It has local and online leaderboards and social play with Facebook connect as well so you can link up with friends to play. The game is free and offers IAP, and you can grab it from the Play Store link here.

Unearthed: Trail Of Ibn BatuttaAH Unearthed

This was our featured game of the week on Friday, but in case you missed it Unearthed is like an Uncharted style of action game that features an adventure filled story with close hand to hand combat, gunplay and plenty of action in a third person view. The story follows a treasure hunter looking for a famous Muslim Explorer, and the adventures and dangers he encounters during his quest. It plays out episodically with this being the first episode of what I assume is a series of games with future titles that will hopefully make it to Android as well. It features your standard touch screen control system but allows for the use of gamepads including the Phonejoy controller, so if you prefer the traditional controls for playing games you're not left out here. The game will set you back $1.99, and you can grab it from the Play Store link here.


Dragon Quest VIIIunnamed (2)

If you like the endearing and lovingly crafted gameplay of RPG games, Dragon Quest VIII is one that should not be missed. This was the first game in the series to be created with 3D visual graphics and has finally made its way to Android globally.(It was released in Japan first) The price is steep, almost too steep, but those who really love RPG games and are fans of the Dragon Quest series will find the value in it. The game features a rich and lengthy storyline which is as to be expected. You'll encounter plenty of fun and engaging characters along your journey to find and stop the plot of an evil magician. The game features tons of awesome and epic elements like intuitive touch based controls that actually feel natural and are easy to use, and the portrait mode style of gameplay makes this a game that you can easily play on most smartphones and with one hand at that, which I found to be extremely enjoyable. If you're a fan of the series and know the greatness of Square Enix RPG's, you can grab Dragon Quest VIII for $19.99 from the Play Store link here.