Theater Search Results Gets A Cards UI Facelift Within Google Search For Mobile And Desktop

Google has been slowly but surely updating the look and user interface of search results for various things when you use both Google Search on Android and on Desktop. So far this year we have seen Google update the UI of search results for things like Hotel and Restaurant listings, and now they're doing the same thing with movie showtimes. This is the first I've personally seen this pop up but perhaps I just don't look up movie showtimes for theaters very often. If you go into Google Search on either platform and enter a specific theater into the search query, hitting enter will bring up your results like it normally does but with a fresh new cards UI as you can see from below.

The cards UI will allow you to swipe through the movie listings with times for that particular theater, making it much simpler to browse for showings if you're using Google Search instead of an app like fandango or using the browser to go to the Fandango website. Continuing to scroll past the card that contains your search results for that theater will just lead to Google Search results that contain anything about the theater you searched for, so nothing really different there. The cards UI is pretty easy to use, and it certainly makes looking for movie showtimes a lot easier on the fly so you can figure out the best time to catch a flick more quickly.

There's one feature that comes along with the new cards UI that should come in handy to users, and that's the capability to choose the date you're curious about viewing showtimes for. The date picker sits just above the card itself where you can swipe left or right to flip through your results. The search results will always show you listing for the current day, and you can tap on the "right" arrow to move you through the days of the week, much easier than before. It's simple, looks clean and makes things a lot faster if you need to do a quick search for movie times on any given day. Has anyone been using this for an extended period of time already?

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