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Description: Three Defenders is an action game that is based on a castle defense style of gameplay. You'll have to fight back waves of enemies for each level, picking one of three characters with which to launch your attacks at the onslaught of encroaching monsters. The game is about a hero who is in search for gold and riches much like any traveling warrior, and along your journey you come across villages being attacked by savage monsters. Naturally, you agree to help defend the town from certain ruin in exchange for coin. The game spans across a vast world of 58 different villages with 5 waves each to protect in 6 different environments, with tons of upgradeble weapons, items, and village defenses.

How It Works: First off, you'll want to make sure to head on over to the Play Store and download the game. Once you have that little step out of the way you can proceed to choose your defender and begin to fight back wave after wave of goblins and other monsters.

Upon opening the game you'll have your start and options buttons. Proceeding to start will get you to where you can choose your profile, then select your defender. There are three different profiles that can be made, which is great as it gives gamers the option to either share the game and let others play on their own profile or you can simply create a profile for each of the three defenders.

Each defender has different attacks and abilities so each one will be able to deliver a slightly different type of gameplay. The archer seems to be the easiest and the best choice for beginners.

Waves will start out easy enough, but as you progress monsters start coming more quickly. This is where the upgrades come in handy. As you finish each wave you'll get some gold as well as experience towards leveling up, so that you can not only increase your stats, but also use the gold to upgrade your weapons or attack abilities. There are 59 weapons and 28 skills to buy and upgrade, which you'll need to do as you progress further.

There's lots of game progression and replay value here. With three characters to play and each one with the capability to level up and each with upgradeable skills and attacks, there's more than enough to keep gamers engaged.

You'll start off clearing the first level and once you have beaten it, you'll unlock new levels and get to choose which direction you take. This gives the game a non-linear feel and gives you a little bit of choice in how the game plays out.

Opinion: The RPG like elements and castle defense execution for combat of Three Defenders gave the game much more enjoyment than I had expected. The character models look to have more than a fair amount of detail put into them and when coupled together with the progression system and the 6 unique musical soundtracks, you can easily be immersed in the gameplay. There is more than enough content to keep gamers engaged for a great deal of time and although it took me a few waves to figure out how to use the special attack for the mage, the gameplay was easy enough to figure out.


  • Speed (5/5) - The game was fast to load and fluid throughout the gameplay. There were no issues with lag or stuttering for me.
  • Features (4/5) - It's a simple castle defense game, but gameplay becomes rather varied with multiple characters and there are lots of levels to play through.
  • Theme (4/5) - The fantasy style setting always feels engaging, and the attention to detail is even translated into the game menus
  • Overall (4/5) - The game is pretty solid throughout. Defense games are a tried and true genre and it was well executed here.


  • Plenty of game progression to keep you from getting bored too quickly
  • Easy enough for beginners but challenging enough for those who are used to defense style games
  • A free demo version of the full game to give you a good perspective on the overall gameplay
  • No In App Purchases


  • No tutorial on how to execute certain moves.
  • No real story line.

Conclusion: Three Defenders meshes together classic elements of two really great game genres. The RPG with progression and the Castle Defense gameplay with the wave style of combat. Even though the game seemed to lack the depth of a storyline, the upgrade system for weapons, items, magical abilities and defenses made for a very rewarding experience that keeps you wanting to play more in anticipation of the next level or finally getting enough gold to upgrade your attacks. With plenty of levels and a little bit of choice on how the game progresses, all in all Three Defenders is well worth the time put into it.

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