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Description: Solitaire Tales is a game for Android that delivers the classic card game, Solitaire, to a young audience like never before. Solitaire Tales puts you in charge of getting back the Cards of Power from the evil Deckromancer. There's a genuine progression from level to level and while this isn't like any other Solitaire game you might have played, the core mechanics of the classical card game remain. This is a great chance to get young ones interested in card games and for those bigger kids looking for a new way to play Solitaire with a fast and fun pace.

How it Works: As with other games on Android, you'll need to get Solitaire Tales downloaded from the Play Store. After that, you're ready to play. You can choose to log in with Facebook or simply play as a guest.


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For those new players, the game will take you through the fundamental basics with some introduction.

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Solitaire Tales will take through the first few levels with some hints and tips.

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The game board is laid out a little different from a typical solitaire game, but the deck is still present and you'll need to choose cards from it from time-to-time. Simply hit the higher or lower cards in order to collect the goal cards from each level.


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As you progress through the levels, you'll travel across the Kingdom and see which levels you got three stars on, these you can go back and play again to get higher scores.



The later levels can be quite difficult, which is where you'll need to use power-ups that you'll find along the bottom of the play area which destroy cards or swap them around.


Opinion: Solitaire, Rummy and Go Fish are all great classic card games most of us know how to play and enjoy playing around a few drinks with good conversation. However, there's a whole generation growing up that won't be exposed to card games in the same way. Solitaire Tales is a great game to introduce younger players to how much fun Solitaire Tales can be. Regardless though, the game is a of fun and the progression from one level to the next adds a sense of adventure and the gameplay brings a much needed speed boost to Solitaires play speed. Solitaire is, at its core, all about hitting the right card as quickly as possible, and not missing a thing. Solitaire Tales brings these core elements to a new audience.



  • Speed (4/5) – The game itself runs great and the change to the core game's pacing make Solitaire even more accessible than before.
  • Features (4/5) – With a goo sense of adventure and funky power-ups, Solitaire Tales brings something fresh and something new to a classic game.
  • Theme (5/5) – With a cool art style and flashy animations, young players will find a lot to love here and Solitaire fans of old will be treated to something new.
  • Overall (4/5) – Solitaire Tales is a fun game that takes core elements of Solitaire and makes them accessible to all ages and brings with it its own unique identity.


  • Great way of introducing younger players to the core fun of Solitaire.
  • Offers core Solitaire mechanics with a fresh new attitude and a new look.
  • Adventure side of things will appeal to younger players, as well as give others a reason to keep on playing.
  • Art style is cool and fresh, with an identity of its own that will appeal to most.


  • Can be a little slow to get going for new plyers.
  • Some of what makes Solitaire so much fun seems to be missing, with only the higher or lower side of things included.

Conclusion: Solitaire Tales is a game that obviously appeals to younger players, and those looking to introduce their little ones to Solitaire and the simple fun of card games should give this a go with them. Still, the game is good for all ages and if you like Solitaire but want a bit of an experience to go along with it, then Solitaire Tales is something you should give a go. Easy to get into, with some good depth to it, this is a fun new way to enjoy Solitaire.



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