Sponsored Game Review: Save the Comet


Description: Save the Comet is an Android game that brings together gravity, physics and endless runner elements all in to one arcade-style game that is great when played in one hand. The aim of the game is drag planets to the comet's orbit in order to "fuel" the comet and keep it going. This also changes the direction of the comet and the longer you keep the comet going, the higher the score you'll get. It's all about beating your previous high score and there are powerups you can purchase to boost your gameplay experience and achievements for you to collect, too. It's a cool game that offers something new to the endless runner type of game and can be pretty challenging as the core gameplay is definitely different from most other games out there. Watch the trailer below and then join me as I take a closer look at the game.


How it Works: Once you have Save the Comet downloaded from the Play Store, you're ready to take a look at the achievements and in-app purchases or just get started with the game.

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When you first start playing, you'll be treated to an interactive sort of tutorial on how to play the game. It's easy to follow along with and gives you the basics quickly.


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The main gameplay is based around holding planets near the comet as you continue through space at high-speed, after you've gotten all of the stardust you can from the planet, you just need to throw it away and wait for the next one. This will create a temporary orbit and, as you'd expect, you need to watch out the two bodies don't hit each other. Otherwise, it's game over.

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As you bring planets close to the comet, the flight direction will change and you might collect an achievement as you go, too.

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At the end of your run, you're given a score and you might have unlocked some achievements as well.


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For those looking for a little more out of their mobile games, there are a slew of achievements included in the game.

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For a quick look at how the game plays, take a look at the below gameplay trailer:


Opinion: I'm a sucker for games like Save the Comet that just ask you to keep on going and going. Beating my previous high score is enough of a mission for me when it comes to mobile gaming. However, that's just one part of Save the Comet's appeal, the core gameplay takes a little thinking about and for sci-fi fans, the idea of using gravity as a plaything should definitely interest them. Things get more exciting as you encounter more planetary bodies and asteroids you need to use planets to block and the longer you play for, the more difficult it'll get to beat your previous high score. That challenge is what will keep a lot of people playing though, so it's nice to see Save the Comet tap into that instinct.


  • Speed (4/5) – Save the Comet works great and the pacing starts off nice and smooth and quickly gets difficult without being unmanageable.
  • Features (5/5) – It might seem simple on the face of things, but there's a good amount of depth here and it's certainly a more unique mobile game than most others in the Play Store.
  • Theme (4/5) – Space has fascinated us for years and as the future becomes more like the present, Save the Comet has something really cool to offer players.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – An excellent game that is a lot of fun on smartphones and tablets alike, Save the Comet requires quick thinking and a little strategy in order to keep beating those high scores.


  • Easy to pickup and play, with no complicated rules or anything like that to deal with.
  • Lots of achievements for gamers to sink their teeth into.
  • Unique gameplay mechanics that deliver a new type of game, with challenging quirks to overcome.
  • Instinct to keep on improving is alive and well with Save the Comet, pushing players to keep chasing their absolute best.


  • Tutorial doesn't explain everything you might come across, but surprises are nice after all.
  • Easier to spot social integration would be nice, but this works well for Google+ Gamers.

Conclusion: Save the Comet is a nice mix of different types of gameplay and it's easy enough to pickup and play, without having to spend lots of time figuring out just how to play the game. Being pushed to continually beat your high score is a great idea and the quirky gameplay has a sort of personality to it that you'll get to know the more and more you keep on playing. Keen players can even take a look at their stats and those struggling a little can adjust the sensitivity of the game and achievements will help players better explore what Save the Comet has to offer. A cool new take on physics in mobile games and a great addition to the already vast amount of endless runner games available on Android, Save the Comet is well worth trying.