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Description: Ouch! Couch is an Android game that hopes to bring some of that crazy arcade action from the good old days to mobile gaming. Putting you in the pilot seat of one of three different couches, you have to ride downhill and avoid obstacles in order to post the highest score you possibly can. A meld between Flappy Bird and endless runner games, Ouch! Couch is based around the comedy gang of MTV and YouTube- The Janoskians! You're put in charge of making sure the Janoskians don't crash and also help them pick up fans along the way. There are three different types of couches to play with. As you progress further and further down the street, things become more and more difficult. Take a look at the trailer below to see what the boys themselves think of the game.


How it Works: Taking a trip back to the arcades of the 80's will first require a download from the Play Store, then you're ready to play.

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To get started, choose your preferred couch. You pay a small fee for the game upfront, then other couches are in-app purchases. However, the main couch is of course free and there are no ads. There is a simple free version of the game, dubbed Ouch! Couch Zero to try out as well.


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The premise of the game is to jump over obstacles that are bounding around the street the Janoskians are recklessly careening down. Just tap to jump and then hold to jump higher.

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If you hit an obstacle, you'll be given a comic like "ouch!" exclamation on screen. Hit three obstacles and that's it, game over.

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When you come to the end of the run, you're given a score depending on how well you've done. If you're really good you might post a higher score than one of the guys themselves!


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Opinion: Ouch! Couch reminds me of the golden days playing on my Sega Genesis, and boy, I had a great time. The gameplay is simple; it's addictive and strangely challenging. I did not expect it to be this difficult at all, but the challenge posed by Ouch! Couch is fun and the balance is nice and even. At no point did I feel the game was too difficult, nor was I ever bored while trying to beat my latest high score. Something for MTV viewers however, is of course, the Janoskians themselves. While it would be nice to hear more of their
outrageous humor throughout the game, it's a lot of fun helping them pick up fans and avoid death by couch crash.


  • Speed (4/5) – Ouch! Couch runs well and I never felt that the game was lagging or anything like that, and it's certainly polished to a good standard.
  • Features (4/5) – The core gameplay is simple, sure, but it's got a nice rhythm to it and fans of the Janoskians will find a lot to love here.
  • Theme (5/5) – I'm a sucker for retro games and Ouch! Couch has charm in buckets and Janoskian fans will love this retro look.
  • Overall (4/5) – A great game for those looking for a simple yet fun game with a lot of charm, Ouch! Couch is one worth playing.


  • Lots of charm at work here and will appeal to those old and young.
  • Simple yet addictive gameplay will keep players hooked for a long time.
  • Definitely a well-polished game that's well-crafted.
  • Tongue-in-cheek humor is speckled throughout the game just like the Janoskians' humor.


  • Might feel a little too familiar to some.
  • The game is paid, but other items are in-app purchases straight away, but this is completely ad-free.

Conclusion: Ouch! Couch is a great game, especially if you have fond memories of the Super Nintendo and arcade games during that era. Even if you aren't a retro gaming nut, there's still a lot of charm to be found in Ouch! Couch. If you're a fan of endless runner types, this is a good game to give a go. A lot of the time when celebrities or comedy acts such as the Janoskians have a game made for them, it can come across as cheesy or more like a cash-in. Here though, Ouch! Couch has its own identity and it's a great game in its own right. The boys will no doubt find a lot of fun sitting on their own couch playing the game when they're not getting into all sorts of mischief.



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