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Description: The Hidden Treasure of Nahala is a point and click adventure game for Android smartphones and tablets that aims to give your brain a workout while also offering an intriguing story to sink your teeth into. With high-resolution 3D graphics and animations, this is a great game for tablets and unlike some other point and click adventure games on Android, this is closer to a classic PC title more than anything thanks to the high production values at work. Thanks to the original soundtrack and tricky riddles and puzzles, The Hidden Treasure of Nahala is a true point and click adventure game for Android that has a lot to offer to those fans of the genre. The question is though, how good a game is it?

How it Works: To start your own adventure, you'll need to download The Hidden Treasure of Nahala from the Play Store, keep in mind that it's a large download around 200MB. Once you have the game downloaded, you can get started.


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When you first start playing, you're introduced into the mystery of the game.

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At certain points throughout the game, you're treated to detailed cutscenes.

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As you explore the mansion, you'll have to use the items you find in order to coming closer to mystery surrounding the treasure.



You will have to deal with puzzles and such in order to get to your next clue.

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While trying to solve the mystery of the treasure, you'll be sent all over the mansion and be tasked with using items you collected to interact with the environment.




I won't ruin things for you, so go ahead and get the game and play it for yourself!

Opinion: These sort of games have always seemed a little boring to me in the past, and while there are a good amount of these types of games available on Android, none of them really inspire me all that much. The Hidden Treasure of Nahala is different though, if only thanks to the well thought out design process and the high level of polish the game has. The story behind the 3D graphics and cutscenes are genuinely intriguing and there's a lot on offer to wrap your head around, with difficult and challenging riddles and puzzles on offer to fill the game out.



  • Speed (4/5) – I had no problems when playing through the game and you're allows to progress through the story at your own pace.
  • Features (4/5) – A solidly put together point and click mystery game with its own identity and a lot on offer, the Hidden Treasure of Nahala is definitely one for those point and click fans out there.
  • Theme (5/5) – While the 3D graphics might be lacking a little in charm, they're good-looking and the whole game has a high level of polish running throughout.
  • Overall (4/5) – With high-quality 3D graphics, cutscenes and challenging puzzles on offer, the Hidden Treasure of Nahala is certainly something to give a try.


  • Nice and gradual lead-in to the story, but still leaves the mystery wide open.
  • 3D animations and cutscenes give the game a living, unique identity.
  • Puzzles and riddles are challenging, but they all link up as you might expect.
  • Items are needed in order to interact properly with the game and get to the bottom of the secret of the treasure.


  • Some voice acting or characters could liven up the game.
  • 3D environments are good-looking and work well, but they all seem a little too perfect, with little to no charm.

Conclusion: I had a lot of fun playing The Hidden Treasure of Nahala and while I haven't gotten to the bottom of the mystery just yet, I'm looking forward to getting there. For fans of mystery games, hidden object games and more, this is well worth a look. So too, is it worth giving a go if you haven't played something like this before.


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