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Description: Draw Word is a fun type of puzzle game that tasks players with literally drawing a path through words placed on a grid in order to complete levels and progress to the next stages. From the same developer behind the compelling Set of Threes Puzzle Game, Draw Word has varying levels of difficulty for those just starting out with puzzles games all the way up to those super familiar with puzzle games. A fresh take on the age old crossword formula, Draw Word is a fun game that puzzle fans should really take to. Let's take a closer look at Draw Word for Android in our review.

How it Works: First of all, you'll need to download Draw Word from the Play Store, once you have you can start playing.


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There are a number of different difficulties to choose from. Each one has a different grid size and of course a different amount of words to find, and lengthier words in the more difficult settings.

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When you start playing the simple levels, you're told how many words there are to find and a category at the top. There's a vast array of different categories on offer and it gives the game a nice bit of variety.

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If you try your hand at the more difficult levels, you'll see that there are more words to find, with longer words and more tiles to work around.


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Draw Word is basically about drawing words through letters and it sort of feels like painting over them. It all sounds nice and simple, but these words are cleverly woven into each other and they could be up, left, right, down or a mixture of both. Not only that, but you have to draw all the words before exceeding the recommended move count as outlined at the bottom of the display. Otherwise, you will be given a poor score.

Opinion: I had a lot of fun with Draw Word and while it is fairly simple when playing through the easy levels, it's good that these are here as they can give kids something to sink their teeth into. Moving on to the more advanced levels and things get quite a bit more interesting and challenging. Having to complete the levels in as few moves as possible will have players resetting their games over and over again in order to get that perfect score. If players find things a little tricky, there is a hint system that's accessible from the bottom right of the display, again good for little ones. Still, this is a difficult game and experienced puzzle players should find something they like here in the very difficult levels on offer.



  • Speed (4/5) – Draw Word runs great on smartphones and tablets and there's no issues when going from level-to-level frantically.
  • Features (4/5) – A nice digital and modern take on the fun that wordsearches still offer us, Draw Word will appeal to players of all ages.
  • Theme (4/5) – With good-looking animations and an easy to read UI, there's nothing to really complain about here.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid puzzle game that should appeal to players of all ages, Draw Word is well worth checking out, especially for fans of Scrabble and other word games.


  • Easy to get to grips with and play right away.
  • Varying levels of difficult for those novices and those puzzle masters.
  • A good game for children as well as adults, thanks to the the different difficulties.
  • Challenges players to think right, rather than thinking quickly.


  • Difficulty level does seem to spike a little bit.
  • Ads are a little intrusive on tablets.

Conclusion: Draw Word is a great game from the crew behind Set of Threes and it's a colorful, simple puzzle game that everyone should be able to get along with. With varying levels of difficulty, experienced players can learn to play just as well as little ones or casual gamers. It's a great, fresh take on the wordsearch of old and one we're sure puzzle players and casual gamers will love.


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