Sponsored Game Review: Cool Keno

June 14, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson

Description: Cool Keno is an Android game that strives to recreate all the thrills and excitement of Video Keno, while also adding in some unique features, too. Cool Keno isn’t just another Keno game for Android as it features things such as the Wager Analysis to help you perfect your strategy as well as the ability to play as many as 1000 games in Auto Play! You can move all your patterns with just 2 keystrokes thanks to the game’s Move Pattern Technology. There are three types of RNGs, Standard, Loose and Super Loose. You can save as many patters as you like, adjust the pay out to match your favorite hangout and more. With a look and feel many players will find familiar and more features than I can list, Cool Keno is a game for the discerning Keno Play that know what they’re doing and what to keep getting better or those that want to learn the nuisances of Multi-Card Keno.

How it Works: There are three versions of Cool Keno to download. A Free Version, a Gold Version and the Plus Version. It’s worth taking a look at the free version first, but for the serious Keno Players the Plus Version is the way to go as it features everything the Gold Version does as well as the Wager Analysis feature. No matter which version of the game you choose, you’ll never be faced with ads or in-app purchases, making the Plus Version seem excellent value. Once you have your chosen version installed, you’ll be faced with the Keno Board.


Raising your bet is as easy as hitting the value button.

2014-06-07 10.08.10

Placing a bet is both simple and easy with Cool Keno, and you can place multiple bets quickly.

Bet Screen Zero

In Keno, patterns can help you win big and Cool Keno is a game that makes using patterns super-easy. You can move patterns with just a couple of taps and you can easily save your favorite patterns for later use.

Select Pattern Screen Shot

Another key feature of Cool Keno is the Wager Analysis, available in the Keno Plus version. This is something that will appeal greatly to serious players, as it allows them to change a number of statistics, even changing it to mimic the rates of your local Keno place. For those big Keno players who have a sharp mind, this feature will prove invaluable.

Analysis Screenshot

There are three RNGs included in the game – Standard, Loose and Super Loose – when playing with tight patterns on the Super Loose setting, you’ll come across some very big payoffs.

Lucky Super Hit

Opinion: While I’m not a big Keno player, I’ve dabbled in a lot of casino games and Keno is something
that I’ve always found difficult to get into. However, with Cool Keno, the depth of information I can control helps me further understand the game better and I can finally start getting big payoffs. With the power of our smartphones and tablets these days, we shouldn’t be facing limitations when playing Keno on the move, and Cool Keno gives players pretty much everything they could ever want. Serious players can use the Wager Analysis tool to plan ahead and those experimenting with different patterns can save as many as they like, and play them with a couple of taps. It’s an extremely efficient and well-featured Keno game that seems to be designed more for the experienced player but that’s a good thing – with so many games trying to bring new players in, it’s nice to see something like this with everything the discerning player would expect in it. Newbies can certainly benefit from this game but there will be a learning curve.


  • Speed (4/5) – Cool Keno is a speedy app and thanks to the quick pattern moving, players can go through more games than any other Keno game.
  • Features (5/5) – Not only is this the only 20-card Keno game on Android, but it’s also full of other features like the ability to quickly move patterns, create, save and delete patterns and pour over stats to better your own game.
  • Theme (4/5) – While higher-resolution graphics would be nice, Cool Keno feels like a Video Keno display and there’s a lot of info on screen without feeling cluttered.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – Cool Keno is a game that might be more suited to experienced players, but that’s a good thing and those still getting used to the subtleties of Keno will find the analytics very useful.


  • Easiest Keno game out there to move patterns with, allowing you to play more games in less time and you can even save your favorite patterns.
  • Using the Wager Analysis included in Cool Keno Plus, players can input settings for their favorite Keno place and work out the best strategies to win larger jackpots while conserving their bankroll.
  • Video Keno players will be able to play this right away, thanks to the familiar interface.
  • Doesn’t ask too much of players, yet still offers them all the tools and features they could ever want or need.


  • Graphics could do with a high-resolution update, but they do make good use of tablet displays.
  • A sort of teacher mode for complete beginners would extend the reach of Cool Keno.

Conclusion: These days it can be hard to find a Casino game that’s designed to be more than just a game. Aimed at the serious player, those that know what they’re doing. Cool Keno is a breath of fresh air as it gives players so many great features and just leaves them to it, which could be a turn-off for new players, however some accompanying material for Cool Keno is being written. The Wager Analysis is great for those looking to understand why and how they win and thanks to this being the only 20-card Keno game available for Android with easy pattern moving, all players can genuinely perfect their game wherever and whenever they want without running the risk of losing any money.