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Description: Colorino is a match game where your main goal is to clear the board of all the marked tiles before the time runs out. You can match the tiles by color or shape, and clearing the marked tiles can be done my matching up full rows or columns. Sit back and enjoy the awesome background music as you attempt to match up tiles of various shapes and colors, of which there are five of each. Time is of the essence so you'll want to be sure and make your decisions swiftly, but accuracy is not so much an issue of requirement, just fun.

How It Works: We know you're excited to start matching colors and shapes to clear rows of tiles, but the first thing you'll have to do before anything else is download the game from the Play Store. Colorino is absolutely free and can provide virtually hours of fun as long as you can keep your lives above zero.

Once You have the game, you can get to trying to clear your marked tiles. The game starts out a little simpler from the first level and you're given one set of marked tiles to clear.

As you clear more levels, you'll start off newer levels with more marked tiles, giving the game progression a little more of a challenge.

Matching is easy, as you simply have to look for a place where you can set you tile next to one of the same shape or color. If there is no match, you can choose to skip a tile and move to the next one.

Matching tiles correctly gains you points, and can rack up your score, skipping tiles will take points away from you though, so only use when absolutely needed.

There are hundreds of levels to play through all to the tune of relaxing ambient music for a more immersive play session, providing many hours of enjoyment, or just a few minutes of fun when you have a moment to spare.

Opinion: Colorino is actually loads of fun and easy to play. The controls are simple enough for anyone to learn and you can easily kill a couple hours of time matching different tiles before you realize how much you've actually played. Colorino revels in its simplicity and it does a fantastic job at providing the gamer with plenty of fun, but not so simple that you feel bored before too long. There's not much eye candy here, and you won't have a complex or in-depth story line to engage you, but that is perfectly OK as Colorino is not really in any need of it.


  • Speed (5/5) - The game pace is quick and nothing seemed to be laggy or jittery during gameplay. This gives it an easy pick up an play style.
  • Features (4/5) - There aren't loads of features in the game, but with hundreds of levels and potentially endless gameplay there's an enormous amount to keep anyone busy.
  • Theme (3.5/5) - Everything looks and feels well polished. The graphics may be a bit too simplistic for some, but the music and animations are a nice touch.
  • Overall (4/5) - Controls are easy making for a complete lack of frustration, and there are so many levels to play through you can be entertained for hours. A little more to do with visuals wouldn't hurt but it isn't needed.


  • Pick up and play mentality with quick paced gameplay
  • Score system keeps you striving for more
  • Gameplay is simple enough that anyone can pick it up and learn it immediately, no learning required
  • Free, with no in-app purchases


  • The pace of the levels may feel too quick for some

Conclusion: Colorino should be an instant favorite among anyone who decides to pick it up and give it a try. Placing tiles is as simple as tapping on the square you want it to go, and there is a sense of excitement when you match up both colors and shapes. Having a score system and a timer in place gives you something to work for and a sense of urgency not to let the clock run out, making things a tad more exciting, but without feeling rushed or stressed due to the ambient soundtrack. While some may want more visual prowess out of their games or a slightly slower pace to the levels, Colorino is tons of fun and costs nothing(ad-supported)and has no in-app purchases which I found to be a complete delight. If you like match games, give Colorino a go.

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