Sponsored Game Review: CASHFLOW: The Investing Game


Description: CASHFLOW for Android is based on the original board game that Robert Kiyosaki devised, which was praised for being some much needed excitement to the classic formula that is Monopoly. CASHFLOW for Android features the same sort of gameplay and has you jump on board the rat race as you try to score big deals in order to keep cash coming in and keep in the black. You'll have to manage your expenses, make sure you have more coming in than you do going out and try your best to keep it that way. Opportunities such as stock sales come along with a roll of a dice, and change – not always in your favor – with another roll. Children, car expenses and more are all obstacles that will get in your way. Multiplayer support is coming, but CASHFLOW can be played locally with real people or against robot players.

How it Works: In order to play CASHFLOW on Android, you'll first need to download the game from the Play Store, then you're ready to play.


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The next step is to setup the players for the game. I'm on my own here, so I'm going to play against a single bot to get used to the game.

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After that, you can choose your dream. Which one of these you choose will affect how soon children come into the game and what sort of expenses you'll have to pay and when.

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The game has a distinct rhythm to it, you roll the dice, move around the center circle and land on a specific slot. Sometimes this will be an expense, a payday, or a deal opportunity. Your payday will always be that shown on your financial statement which you can pull out from the left.


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Deal opportunities will either be small or large and can often be share sales. These may come around for you sell later on the game and they also might have come down in value, so be sure to keep an eye on your deal opportunities.

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Sometimes when you roll the dice, you'll be hit with an expense you'll have to pay, much like those surprise attacks in real life, these will cut into your cash reserves.

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The aim of the game is to end up with as little debt as possible, while owning multiple assets and becoming successful. A sort of educational game, CASHFLOW can be a lot of fun, but it also sneaks into children and those starting out in life how you should manage your money, it's very good for teens and perhaps those getting their start in life.


Opinion: CASHFLOW has been used around the world to teach people how to manage their money, not in an in-depth sort of way, but more as a sort of guideline as to how to exercise your common sense and keep on top of your money. It's no wonder that CASHFLOW is even used to help small businesses keep on top of their finances, as you certainly pick up a lot from just a couple hours' worth of play. As for the Android version, this works well here and the fact that you can quickly pass the tablet or smartphone around make it a great travelling game as there's very little to carry and keep on top of. The board looks good and even though it's digital, the game still feels like a board game – although I'd still like to be able to shake my device to roll the device.


  • Speed (4/5) – I had no issues with the game, and it worked well on my smartphone and tablet with a good, quick pace to it.
  • Features (4/5) – With all the gameplay, mechanics and charm that makes the physical version of the game so much fun, CASHFLOW works well on Android.
  • Theme (4/5) – It's one thing to make a digital adaptation of a board game look like a board game, but something else entirely to make it feel like a board game. CASHFLOW does both.
  • Overall (4/5) – With a little tuning to the repetitive nature of the game, CASHFLOW would be a much more enjoyable experience, but it goes without saying that this is better played with your friends by your side.


  • Looks and feels like a board game, and doesn't lose any of its charm.
  • Works as a great game with other real, human players.
  • Doesn't need a complicated rule book to get started.
  • Great tool to instill a little bit of common sense on how to manage your money.


  • Online multiplayer is coming and it can't arrive sooner as playing on your own gets repetitive.
  • An introduction of some sort to the game's core mechanics would be a nice addition.

Conclusion: CASHFLOW is a cool game for Android that manages to capture the essence of a truly helpful and fun board game and one that many young adults should try out for sure. It's a little pricey upfront, but the game is a polished app that I had no issues with and there of course, no ads getting in your way.