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Description: Block vs Block is an arcade style Tetris game for Android that's become something of a success on iOS. Now, it's available for Android and offers some classic Tetris gameplay with a Vs mode to play against a computer that has varying difficulties. It's this computerized opponent that makes Block vs Block so compelling to play and can offer even the best Tetris players a real challenge. With so many Tetris games out there though, can Block vs Block really offer something different to the Tetris player looking for something new? Let's take a closer look.

How it Works: Once you have Block vs Block downloaded from the Play Store, you can start to test out your skills.


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You can choose to play the Classic Mode or the Vs Mode, the Classic Mode is pretty much Tetris as you know and love it.

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Playing the classic mode is just like playing regular Tetris.

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The Vs mode is where things get more interesting, and as you can see there are lots of difficulties to choose from.


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When playing against the computer, you'll see a simulated game going on to the right and your own game will fill up with bricks if the computer is doing well, making things even more difficult.

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There are options you can choose to change, such as the background or block design and more. There are four different kinds of special item that you can use to help beat the computer, playing against the AI will help you understand how these can help you.

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The Vs mode is the real meat of the game and a reason to download the game on its own.


Opinion: I used to love playing Tetris on my Game Boy back in the day and I still enjoy the game to this day. Block vs Block is a fairly decent Tetris game for Android and it works well. The graphics could do with some work however, as the visuals seem fairly basic, but this does result in a game that runs quickly and will keep you on your toes as you go from move-to-move against the computer. Some sort of swipe implementation for the computer would be nice, but overall the controls are fine if a little clunky. What really sells the game to me however, is that extremely difficult computer that will appeal to big Tetris fans that are looking for a proper challenge.


  • Speed (4/5) – It could be quicker, but the pace really picks up when playing against the computer and will test how quick you can think.
  • Features (4/5) – While the main gameplay is fairly basic, the computer offers an excellent challenge for Tetris fans and it's this part of the game that will have players coming back for more, time and time again.
  • Theme (3/5) – This is where the game could do with some work as the graphics are fairly basic and the controls are a little clunky.
  • Overall (4/5) – Despite some little issues here and there, Block vs Block is a good game for Tetris fans, especially those looking for some strong competition when playing the game they love.


  • There are some options to change the look and feel of the game.
  • Good solid selection of block sizes and good pacing.
  • Excellent computer to play against that offers a real challenge to opponents of all ages.
  • Lots of difficulty levels to choose from, allowing you to perfect your skills over time.


  • Graphics could do with some work as they do come across as a little dated.
  • Control scheme could do with some gestures to make it more straightforward for users to play quickly.

Conclusion: Block vs Block is a game that offers Tetris fans a nice alternative to other similar titles out there and while the graphics are perhaps a little lacking, the gameplay helps in this regard. The basic mode is just Tetris on your own, but the Vs mode is where the magic is and it's a great challenge for those looking to test their Tetris skills. With lots of difficulty options available to choose from, Block vs Block has a lot to test people's skill. For those that don't want to deal with the ads, there is a paid version available without them.


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