Sponsored App Review: TuneIn Radio


Description: TuneIn Radio is real radio for Android, and as many of you will probably already realize, TuneIn Radio features over 100,000 radio stations and even more podcasts for you to listen to. There are no subscription fees and it's super-easy to get to your favorite station. International radio stations like BBC's Radio 1 are at your fingertips as well smaller, independent stations that might not be able to survive if it weren't for TuneIn Radio. A great app for your Android tablet or smartphone, TuneIn Radio is the easiest way to get the music going no matter where you are. Read on as we take a closer look at it.

How it Works: Before you can take a look at what's on offer from TuneIn Radio, you'll need to download it from the Play Store. After that, you're ready to start taking a look around.


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As you can see, the radio stations are neatly broken up into categories to quickly sort through, including special categories like the World Cup. Heading to your home feed you can see recommended stations and what's trending.

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Music lovers will find a plethora of different stations to tune into, and once again they're all neatly categorized.

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You can search for a specific station whenever you like by simply hitting the search icon.


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Whenever you're listening to a station, you can see what's playing, see related stations and even get the song on Google Play to listen to whenever you like.

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With TuneIn Radio, there's something for everyone and finding that something is never too difficult.

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Opinion: I've been using TuneIn Radio for a long time now, and have found some excellent stations from all over the world on it. My fondest memory of the app was with a friend of mine obsessed with classic rock (nothing from 1991 onwards) and our constant disagreement on what to listen to. Through TuneIn Radio, we found Jim FM, and since then we always listen to Jim FM over a few beers. Not only has TuneIn Radio calmed musical disputes, but I've found some excellent stations on TuneIn Radio, and I can always find national radio stations for sport and for news without having to mess around.



  • Speed (4/5) – TuneIn Radio runs well and stations very rarely buffer in the background or anything like that.
  • Features (5/5) – With hundreds of thousands of stations on offer, an easy-to-use app and more all in one, TuneIn Radio has everything you could want.
  • Theme (4/5) – A good-looking app, TuneIn Radio has changed somewhat over the years, but the new layout is easy to navigate and looks good.
  • Overall (5/5) – One of the best ways to find some music to listen to, with a massive selection of genres and shows available, there's always something for everyone with TuneIn Radio.


  • Plays in the background like your music player would do.
  • Doesn't impact your battery life too much.
  • Lots of choice from rock to pop, to podcasts and radio shows.
  • Hundreds of thousands of stations means TuneIn Radio has something to offer everyone.


  • UI change might put off older users.
  • While the interface is nice and modern, it can feel a little cluttered at times.

Conclusion: TuneIn Radio is an app that everyone should have installed on their phones, as you never know when you'll find it useful. Great for listening to every day on the way to work out, while having friends and family round or when you just can't choose from your own music library. Radio puts some people off, but with the vast amount of stations available with TuneIn Radio, it's easy to find something that plays more music than anything else and there's never that many ads to deal with. A great way to find new music, listen to your golden oldies or just relax with friends, TuneIn Radio is an excellent app every music lover should download.