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Description: Spelling Super Star is a game for Android that hopes to help teach kids some basic spelling from a variety of different categories like animals, food and drink and more. Children and parents can either choose to play the game and spell the word that relates to the image or learn these words, delivering a complete teaching and gaming experience in one. There are over 800 words to spell across 15 categories as well as a mixed category with a little of everything in it. Spelling Super Star allows you to change the background from a choice of 15 different looks and you can also change the keyboard colors, too. Not only is this an English app, but it supports Spanish, too!

How it Works: In order to get going, you'll need to download Spelling Super Star from the Play Store. Parents can take a look a the glossary here to see the type of words the game has and if it's going to be good for their little ones.


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From there, you can choose to play with one or two players.

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Learn will teach kids how to spell words with their associated pictures, while play will task little ones with spelling the right word with just the picture for a hint.

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There's a time limit when playing and each different difficulty – Easy, Medium and Hard – will have a different amount of words to spell out. It's not just food and drink you can spell out however, as there are plenty of categories and 800+ words to choose from.


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When a player does really well the Super Star Rocket flies across the display, leaving stars can kids can tap to get as many bonus points as they can. This is a great mechanic that will encourage kids to keep on playing to get those high scores.



Parents can take a look at the glossary to see what words are on offer for their kids to spell as well.

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Opinion: Apps and games like this can be a great way of supplementing your child's learning and also get them interested in going to school and keeping alert in lessons. Learning to spell is obviously important, but getting their can be pretty boring for kids at first, so it's nice to see an app like Spelling Super Star for Android tablets. With over 800 words to spell, there's a lot of variety and everything is broken up into easy categories and everything is available in Spanish, too. I wish the app didn't have a portrait mode though, as the graphics look stretched and strange in this mode, so it'd be better if the app was just locked to being a landscape only app.



  • Speed (4/5) – Spelling Super Star runs just great and I had no issues with the game at all.
  • Features (4/5) – There's a lot on offer here, with 800 words to spell and different categories to choose from, but kids will be doing the same thing over and over, which might grow tiresome after a time.
  • Theme (4/5) – In portrait, the game doesn't look very good at all, but in landscape it looks nice and there are 15 backgrounds to choose from, a nice touch to help the game appeal to your little ones.
  • Overall (4/5)– Spelling Super Star is a great way to reinforce your little ones while they learn their first words and embark on learning to spell.


  • Lots of words on offer, 800 or so in total, and they're all split into easy categories.
  • High scores table is included to encourage competitive spirit and heated learning.
  • Available in Spanish and English.
  • Letters are verbally spoken when pressed and kids can hear the word by tapping on the image above the keyboard.


  • Doesn't look very good in portrait mode at all.
  • Other game modes would help to keep kids interested for longer periods of time.

Conclusion: Thanks to the vast variety of words and verbal cues on offer, Spelling Super Star is a great game to get your kids started off with spelling and word association. It's clearly aimed at younger kids, but that's not a problem, as the backgrounds and such are so colorful that even the youngest kids will be able to play through this. With letters and words being spoken aloud  while kids try to spell the words it's a good learning tool and a great complement to pre-schooling or kindergarten. It's also good for parents to play along with their kids thanks to the 2-player mode, and as the high score table has different scores for each mode and language, a competitive spirit will take over your little ones and help them to learn.


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