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Description: Noteworks is an Android game that's designed to help little ones to read music and hit the right notes using a keyboard as well as build up their ability to read music. There are charts for treble clefs as well as other common notes and even an option for "Do, Re, Mi", great for absolute beginners. When playing Noteworks, the idea is to hit the right note so that your bug friend can get a tasty treat to eat. Hit the wrong note and it'll be destroyed, leaving your friend to go hungry. Noteworks is a great supplement for kids getting started with piano lessons as well as a great introduction into the world of music.

How it Works: It's perhaps better to use Noteworks on a tablet, but it will work with your smartphone, it might just be a bit cramped is all. Once you have the app downloaded from the Play Store, you can input your name and get started.


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The aim of the game is to hit the right notes in order to feed our little friend. At first, you might be a little lost.

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You can quickly take a look at a note sheet in the options to help little ones get their bearings.

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You can change the game to be just notes to make things just as educational but a little easier to work with.



There are a lot of settings one can change to make it easier to to just personalize things.

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Opinion: Right now, I'm actually trying to relearn how to play guitar and one of the main things I really want to teach myself is how to read music. Guitars and keyboards are obviously quite different, but music is music. For little ones this is a great app to get them interested in music as it's a fun game with bright and colorful graphics for kids to engage with. While it's not perfect, Noteworks will definitely help young ones get to grips with reading notes and more. A great introduction to the world of music, Noteworks is well worth taking a look at, especially if you're a musical family and want to encourage it in your kids.


  • Speed (4/5) – Noteworks runs just fine and I had no issues with it on my tablet.
  • Features (4/5) – It's pretty basic on the face of things, but this has all of the right boxes ticked to get younger kids involved in reading music and understanding what goes into making a song.
  • Theme (5/5) – The look and feel of Noteworks will really help kids stay engaged as well as help little ones find reading music – something quite difficult – a fun task from the get go.
  • Overall (4/5) – For musical families or parents that want to encourage their little ones into a great passion like music, Noteworks is a fun app that will help them get started in the world of music.


  • Works well on tablets, giving players more room to hit those right notes without feeling cramped.
  • Easy to get to grips with, but doesn't sugar coat the content, kids have to hit the right notes to succeed.
  • Good reference app with note charts available for kids to study.
  • Fun and colorful graphics will keep little ones engaged as they make their way through the notes and get better and better.


  • Feels a little cramped on a smartphone.
  • Interactive tutorial or missions would be a nice introduction.

Conclusion: If your child has shown an interest in a musical instrument, then it's a good idea to foster that creativity by making it fun, rather than making it something of a chore. A fun game for all kids to get into, there's a lot to love about Noteworks and if you're from a musical family, it's nice to get your little ones started. It's fun, it has all the right notes in it and provides a good good starting foundation for kids to get started. If you like Noteworks, there is a paid version available with more features.


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