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Description: Ibotta is a new kind of service for helping you get a little something back from the stores you love. It's not just another type of coupon app, instead it's something completely different, it's a rebate app that will help you get money back for shopping at your favorite stores. Not only that, but you can earn real, honest cash by answering surveys and more. Ibotta isn't just another app that compiles deals from all over the web, instead it has its own deals that they've worked out with brands. The app will automatically tell you about deals near you and of course, those online. Let's take a closer look at why you might be interested in Ibotta.

How it Works: First of all, you'll need to download the app from the Play Store. After that, you'll need to sign up for a free account if you haven't done so already. You can either use your Google+ account or your Facebook account, as well as your own email address.


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From there, you're given a quick introduction into what Ibotta can offer you.


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Offers and rebates are separated into categories for you to take a look at, making it nice and easy to find something you're after.

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There are some good offers in the Electronics department for us gadget lovers, like this rebate from Skullcandy.

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It's not just big buy electronics though as lots of groceries and everyday items have offers as well.


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Opinion: I've spent a lot of time with a lot of coupon apps and often, they can be even more of a hassle to navigate than your local newspaper and those pair of scissors. Ibotta however not only offers real cash and great rebates – Ibotta members have earned over $7,500,000 using the service – but it's also an incredibly easy app to navigate and use. It's polished, it looks good and it's obviously been put together with a high standard in mind. As for the offers, I found some great deals on tech, as well as everyday groceries and more. To find out what deals are on offer near you, you can see what's hot as well as filtering through category, making these fairly easy.


  • Speed (4/5) – I had no issue with how quickly the Ibotta app ran and finding deals was a speedy process.
  • Features (5/5) – Focusing on simple values of money off, Ibotta is easy for new users to understand and it has some of the biggest brands across the country, on products from the everyday to the extravagant.
  • Theme (5/5) – A lot of similar apps are clunky, difficult to navigate and too complicated, Ibotta cuts through all of that with a crisp and clean look of high polish.
  • Overall (5/5) – Sure, this sort of thing isn't for everyone, but if you were to use your smartphone to get a little something back, Ibotta would be the app to do it with.


  • New users and those that aren't too tech savvy won't find anything too difficult here and everything is neatly laid out.
  • Real cash and genuine money off deals are easy to understand and have genuine effect on your finances.
  • No need to jump through a coupon's hoops as you go direct with Ibotta and you can even buy online.
  • Straightforward and easy to understand, there's no funny business with Ibotta.


  • Offerings can be a little thin in some categories.
  • Earning real cash could be a little easier, but it's easier than most other similar apps.

Conclusion: Ibotta is a great app for Android that will offer users a chance to get something back for shopping at their favorite stores. It's not only a great service, but the app itself is well laid out, easy to use and it looks good. Some of the biggest issues with coupon apps is their limited selection, Ibotta doesn't have the widest range of offers available, but you can buy online as well as in store, giving a wider range to choose from. Rebates are common with Ibotta but there are also many opportunities to earn real cash as well. If you enjoy getting more for your money, then you'll love Ibotta.



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