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Description: GeoLocation Pro is an Android app that hopes to help you out when you're in sticky situations by performing a simple, yet important task. By using the GPS chip inside your phone as well as Google Maps, GeoLocation Pro finds out where you are and then allows you to send this information in the form of a simple link. You can share this link through an SMS message or Email to your family when you need picking up or to your tow truck when your car has broken down. A simple, and easy way to let people know where you are – literally – GeoLocation Pro hopes to offer a valuable service.

How it Works: GeoLocation Pro needs downloading from the Play Store first, then you'll need to make sure that GPS or Location settings on your device are turned on, otherwise the app won't work. When you first launch the app, you'll be asked to just continue.

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Once the app has found your location, you can go ahead and send a message either via SMS or through an email.

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Choosing an SMS will send you to your default SMS app, and you can choose which email client to use, which is good for business and personal accounts.


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When you send your message, it'll be an easy to hit link for your family or friends to just load in their web browser.

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Opinion: Since Google decided to close the doors on Google Latitude, sharing your exact location can be a pain when you need to in a hurry, which is where GeoLocation can actually be a lot of help. It's simple, for sure, as it only uses the mobile interface of Google Maps to share your location, but it works which is all that matters. I can see myself using this with my girlfriend when she picks me up from the bar and she can quickly get directions. However, for more serious use it can be a great help when your car breaks down or something similar. The only downside really is that you'll need an area with data coverage for Google Maps to load your location.


  • Speed (4/5) – Nice and simple, the only thing that will hold you up here is your data speed.
  • Features (4/5) – It might be pretty basic, but it serves a quick and necessary purpose with the least amount of hassle possible and for those needing to share their location, this works well.
  • Theme (3/5) – There's not much of a theme to talk about here, as there's little work done, but it is straightforward and easy to use, while not pretty it just works.
  • Overall (4/5) – It could do with a lick of paint, but otherwise GeoLocation Pro just works, it does what it says on the tin and should give users very little to complain about.


  • Uses the GPS chip on your device for good accuracy, and in practice this was good enough.
  • Google Maps is used here and that means good maps that are always reliable.
  • No need to be a big Android user for this or anything like that, as it's super-simple to use.
  • Sending a message over SMS or email is as quick as you might image and won't leave you waiting around.


  • WhatsApp and Facebook would be good additions to send messages as younger people are often found there.
  • Feels a little basic overall, but it does do what it sets out to do.

Conclusion: The asking price might be a turn off, but this gets you a reliable app that isn't too complicated and doesn't feature any ads. Google Maps are reliable and you'll always be able to dial into one of their maps. So, using this to share your location with is a good idea and when you're in a bit of a bind and you need to let your family or loved ones know where you are, this does the job over email or SMS and it does so quickly.




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