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Description: DU Speed Booster is from the same developers behind the popular DU Battery Saver – which we recently reviewed – and aims to increase the speed of your device by up to 60%. Not just that, but DU Speed Booster can clear your device of unwanted files and help you easily uninstall more than one app at a time to prevent your device from being bloated. Apps can be prevented from loading when you first turn on your Android smartphone or tablet and all the control is still left in your hands, giving you the ability to fine tune your device to how you like it. DU Speed Booster is full of things that can help you get your Android device in shape and for those running a lower-end or an older device, it might be just what you were looking for.

How it Works: To start speeding up your device, or to even see if your device could be faster, you'll need to download DU Speed Booster from the Play Store.


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Once you've installed the app, it'll start scanning your device to see what can be optimized and turned off to help speed up your device.

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There's a good chance that there's quite a bit that can be done on your device to speed things up, and these recommendations will be listed for you.

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A key feature of DU Speed Booster is the ability to fine tune which apps are allowed to load when your phone is booting up. You'll need to take careful care of which apps you stop from starting at startup though, as some of these could be key apps of yours.


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The main features of DU Speed Booster are broken up for you to quickly head into.

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Uninstalling apps is made easy thanks to the ability to uninstall more than one at a time, great for when you've tested a lot of apps out recently and what to remove a lot of them.

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There's also a process manager type feature included, but as with any other app that does this sort of thing, these can cause headaches as well as give you a temporary boost.


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On your homescreen will be a floating icon you can use to bring up a quick menu to clean up running processes as well as toggle things like Bluetooth on and off, a nice feature for sure.

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Opinion: I'm a firm believer that Android should be mostly left alone however, it's clear that there's more Google's operating system could do to stop apps running away with your performance and throwing a spanner in the works. Obviously, someone like myself uses a lot of apps and it takes my personal Nexus 5 a long time to start up, this is because a lot of apps I would rarely use were starting up as I turned my phone, I managed to weed out 16 or so of these apps and now my phone boots quicker. Being able to uninstall as many apps as a I want in one process is nice and really, the whole app helped me improve my device's experience. I would say that those with lower-end or older hardware are going to get the most out of this, but it will work for any device.


  • Speed (4/5) – Despite the fact that there's a lot going on with DU Speed Booster it doesn't take too long at all to complete processes.
  • Features (5/5) – This has everything you could want to keep your Android tablet or phone in the best shape possible and it'll definitely make things speedier for the majority of users.
  • Theme (4/5) – A cool-looking app, DU Speed Booster looks the part and is fairly easy to use.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – It looks good, has a nice long feature list and actually works – what more could you ask for?


  • Offers easy one touch operations as well as more advanced fine-tuning to appeal to a lot of users.
  • Cool UI  is easy to use and fairly straightforward.
  • Quick launch hovering circle works great for a quick boost every now and then.
  • Ticks all the right boxes for features you would expect from such an app.


  • RAM cleaning can often cause a few issues here and there.
  • Newer, more capable devices might not feel the difference as much as lower-end or older hardware.

Conclusion: DU Speed Booster is certainly an app those that have an Android device that is slow, unresponsive and bogged down should take a look at, however I'm not sure how much use folks with powerful devices will get out of this. Still, it will clear up large cache files and allow you an easy way to uninstall apps in bulk whenever you like, which is something a lot of people are always looking for. The UI is easy to use and there's very little that DU Speed Booster doesn't do, and is worth a try.


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