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Description: grinDEX is an arcade style game for Android that challenges players' reaction times and only those with quick reflexes and a sharp mind will post high scores to be jealous of. The premise is simple, you can hover as two magnets in the middle of the play area, split into two with one magnet for each side of the area, or move both magnets to either side of the area. You do this in order to avoid the spikes coming down from the top of the area, as different spikes will only hit you depending on which side your magnets lie. It sounds simple but it can be incredibly difficult and challenging, let's take a closer look and find out how good I am at grinDEX.

How it Works: To get started with grinDEX, all you to do is download it from the Play Store. After you have it installed, you can start playing the game.


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There's a short and sweet tutorial that will take you through the basics.

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There's not to much say about how to play the game, aside from the fact that you need to avoid these spikes from hitting your magnets. It's this simplicity that makes grinDEX so appealing.

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At the end of each level, you're given a high score, which you'll no doubt end up feverishly trying to beat time and time again.


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Opinion: I had a lot of fun with grinDEX, I found it be challenging and it really tested how quickly I could react. My highest score so far is 28, but with a little more practice I am sure I can beat that. The presentation of the game is cool and there's some funky music playing in the background, it doesn't look like much is going on as there isn't much flare here, but the stark shapes and bouncy magnets look pretty cool and the game runs at a high frame rate, further testing your reaction times. Testing something as simple as how quickly you can get your thumbs to touch the display is visceral and brutally simple, it's certainly addictive and will definitely have some people pulling their hair out.


  • Speed (4/5) – grinDEX runs well and there is a high frame rate throughout, delivering a smooth experience.
  • Features (5/5) – It might be simple, but the game is challenging and addictive as a result, with no complicated controls or anything like that it's just you against your reflexes.
  • Theme (4/5) – The retro look and feel is great and there are some really groovy sounds going on in the background.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid game that could do with some tweaking on tablets, grinDEX is a great, fun game that everyone should try out.


  • Easy control scheme leaves players to focus on the gameplay, rather than what to do.
  • Pits you against your reflexes and offers a difficult challenge to all mobile gamers.
  • Retro look and feel bring an arcade style to the table that works well.
  • Cool sounds in the background give the game a nice funky groove.


  • Doesn't look too good on tablets, unfortunately.
  • Missions would be nice and would spice things up a little bit.

Conclusion: grinDEX is one of those games that you simply have to try for yourself in order to see if it's any good. I was pleasantly impressed with how much fun the gameplay is and how cool the funky graphics and music and sounds are to play with. There's no doubt about it, grinDEX is a challenging game that will push your limits and have you up late at night trying to beat your last high score.



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