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Description: Baidu Browser is a third-party web browser for Android that's packed full of new and different features you won't find in other browsers. It's designed to offer everything that the Internet brings us today, like our favorite websites, news and entertainment. The Baidu Browser has been developed for mobile from the ground up and brings lots of different functions into one app. It's quick, simple, full of features and it looks good. Let's take a closer look shall we?

How it Works: Baidu Browser is just a short download away from the Play Store and once you have it downloaded, you'll see that some parts of the app are already set up, like some pre-configured speed dials and the local weather, too.


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The top bar of Baidu Browser works much like you'd expect – you can search the web as well as enter a URL – and you can even choose different search engines if you'd prefer.

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Browsing any given page is just as you'd imagine, and the top address bar does of course disappear when you scroll further into the page.

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All the main controls are at the bottom of the page view and there are more options that you can bring up with the menu key.


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Baidu Browser is a heavily customizable one, and you can change the speed dial websites that appear upon first opening by adding whatever URL you like.

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Baidu Browser will even give you quick access to news stories thanks to the built-in news reader.

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Opinion: I'm a big Google Chrome user, I even use a Chromebook as a big part of my work however, on mobile Chrome isn't anywhere near as useful. There's no extension support and all it really does is sync your tabs, history and offer speed dial. Baidu Browser however, is a much better bet for those that just live on the web. If you read news through a web browser, use lots of web apps and frequent your favorite websites through their sites rather than an app, then Baidu will be a nice change of pace. It's kitted out to be a one-stop shop, and it has so many features in it that's it hard to list them all. Definitely worth taking a look at if you can live without tab sync on Chrome and want some extra features.



  • Speed (4/5) – Despite the fact there's a lot of features bundled in, Baidu Browser is still a speedy browser and load times are quick and it's responsive overall.
  • Features (5/5) – No doubt about it, this is one of the more featured browsers available on Android and it's certainly one for those that practically live on the web.
  • Theme (4/5) – A good-looking app, Baidu Browser will blend in with any Android theme and you can customize the background images easily.
  • Overall (4/5) – While Baidu Browser might not stop people from using Chrome all the time, it's a nice breath of fresh air and offers something very different for those that do everything on their phone through a web browser.


  • Looks good no matter what Android device you're running.
  • Offers a lifestyle type of feature set, with weather and news built into the app.
  • Speed dial is easily customizable with custom URLs and has a lot of pre-configured listings, too.
  • Lots of features to help you get to what you want quickly and easily.


  • Some users will still find Chrome's sync more useful than the extra features.
  • Tab sync with your laptop or computer would be nice to see, maybe through a browser extension on the PC.

Conclusion: Baidu Browser is well worth taking a look at if you've been looking for something different, for something with more features. The news reader, the customizable speed dial and even little things like the local weather make Baidu Browser a nice starting point to your day. The look and feel of the app is all geared to making your browsing experience on Android better and while Chrome is the de facto for a lot of users, this is a nice option thanks to the new features. If your web browser is the most important app on your smartphone, then shouldn't it do more for you?


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