Sony's Xperia Z2a Specs Leak Out

gsmarena 0012

Sony makes some great devices, the Xperia Z2 has been getting rave reviews, although we don’t get to check it out over here in the US since Sony doesn’t bring their smartphones here til months and months later, unfortunately. However, many, many people love Sony and their smartphones. Sony typically keeps their mini devices the same as their bigger brothers, except for of course making them smaller. Well the Xperia Z2a is the same. It’s got a .2-inch smaller display, and a 200mAh smaller battery. Otherwise the specs are exactly the same. That includes the Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB of RAM, 1080p display, 20.7MP camera, and everything in between. I just wish more manufacturers would do that as well. Although at 5-inches, I’m not sure how it’s a “mini”.

The Xperia Z2a also runs KitKat, but that’s about what we expected here. There’s also a plastic panel on the back instead of Glass, which plenty of people will probably prefer. As it won’t get damaged as easily. The Xperia Z2a comes in black, white and blue. It’s due to hit Taiwan next month, and likely other markets soon after. I’d be surprised to see it land in the US since we didn’t get the Z1 Compact, nor have we ever gotten a Sony device in a reasonable amount of time. Although Verizon is rumored to get the Xperia Z2 by Q4 of this year, which is sad since it was announced in Q1.

Sony has great hardware, and great software, their only issue is getting into the US. I just can’t see them doing well when people have to shell out $700+ for a smartphone and you’re still limited to just T-Mobile or AT&T. Hopefully they get the US market figured out soon as I’d love to see the Xperia Z2a on a bunch of carriers here in the US. I’m sure it’d do better than these other “mini” smartphones out there.