Sony Xperia Z2 Gets Live On YouTube App To Livecast Videos On The Web


Sony has always been about adding in some cool features to their phones. They focus a lot on their cameras, and rightfully so because they take a good pic. Some of the recent cool features that we've highlighted were the photo overlays that you could give to your pictures when taking them, using special download packs(plugins) for the camera app that allow you to throw the skins over your picture during the photo taking process. Pretty cool right? Lets not forget that even just for regular photos the Sony Xperia Z2 itself has a 20.7MP camera sensor, making for a stunning image. All in all, Sony loves to play with the camera and the video. With that said, they have just highlighted a new feature that they're bringing to the Sony Xperia Z2. Unfortunately they didn't mention whether or not they would be bringing this feature to other Sony Xperia devices like they have done with some of the other fun camera apps and features they have put out.

The newest application to come from Sony made for their new Xperia Z2 flagship is called live on YouTube. You can pretty well guess what the application does but just in case you missed it, the live on YouTube app lets you cast whatever you're recording with the phones camera to YouTube. Normally you'd have to record your video first and then upload the video to YouTube afterwards, which is still great if you have something wonderful to share, but sometimes it would just be cool to be able to livecast the video as your shooting it, which is what Live On YouTube will allow you to do for up to 15 minutes of video.

Before you begin to use the live on YouTube app you'll want to make sure that your YouTube account is set up and that you have the "live" feature turned on, and then one of the biggest choices of all will be to select your video resolution. Since this is a livecast we imagine that the app will let you record your videos in 4K for the casting to YouTube part, but the application nor the source mention anything about that particular detail so if you have a Sony Xperia Z2 you'll just have to test it out and let us know if there are restrictions on the resolution. The app is not available in certain countries but for the most part that's limited to countries where YouTube isn't available to use, however their is a restriction of the app in Germany, so if you reside there you won't be able to use this app. The app is a free download as long as you have a Sony Xperia Z2. Anyone on an Xperia Z2 and ready to start live casting?

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