Sony Introduces Xperia in Business to Offer Corporate Solutions



During last week's Google I/O keynote speech one of the, less exciting announcements, was a new approach to how business users can use their Android devices. With Google announcing Drive for Work as well, which offers a whole slew of security features for corporate users as well as completely unlimited storage for those that pay for the top rate. The next version of Android, currently dubbed L, will support separation of business and personal apps with containers used to keep business apps safe. That's all fine and well of course, but just as they did with Android Wear, it looks Sony is going it alone.


Recently, Sony announced Xperia in Business, a platform like Samsung's KNOX for a slew of smartphones and tablets. Xperia in Business features all the corporate security options that you could want and offers users the ability to use Mobile Device Management solutions from the likes of McAfee, Cisco and Juniper. VMWare's mobile solutions are also available with Xperia in Business, which gives Xperia smartphones the option to manage corporate assets including apps, from any smartphone that your business currently has deployed. Sony's built-in Xperia Apps like their mail client are all bolstered by some extra security with Xperia in Business as well.

A nice new option for businesses looking for a safe and productive environment while also adopting some of the latest smartphones available, Xperia in Business is available on a range of different devices from the latest Xperia Z2 all the way down to the last year's Xperia Z and budget offerings like the Xperia M2. It's a fairly comprehensive platform from Sony, but right now things seem a little muddled and while there's lots of information to be found at Sony's site nothing is all that clear as of writing. Still, it's nice to see someone other than Samsung offering a genuine corporate solution while using Android, and we're sure Sony's offering will get better over time. Would you consider using Sony's Xperia in Business for your company?

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