SOAP Is An Intelligent Android Router That Gives You Full Control Of Network Connected Devices

We truly have entered into a technological age that would have otherwise been beyond imagining for most around 20 or 30 years ago. Think your wireless router at home is bad ass? Well then you might want to take a look at this smart home wireless router from SOAP. This wireless router is actually powered by Android, and is currently going through funding on indiegogo right now. The SOAP wireless router is not just any wireless router, but actually gives you a way to manage the connections that are linked up to your home network. Yes, their have been ways to do this before, you could simply open up your whitelist and blacklist, and manage things from there, but you'd be wasting more time than you probably wanted to and it's not exactly something that can be done remotely, let alone as easily as what's shown in the videos below. With the SOAP wireless router, that could change.

This smart wireless router lets you connect to and control all your homes wirelessly connected devices. SOAP claims that you can do so from your smartphone or tablet, but also from the SOAP device directly if you're at home. The level of control from the SOAP wireless router allows you many benefits, from seeing your entire network of connected devices and the ability to connect/disconnect any of them at a moment's notice, as well the ability to hide your entire network, and it apparently even comes with an ad blocker capability.

The one device to rule them all, SOAP lets you manage what data travels in and out of your network, and even comes complete with parental controls. Since you can manage any of the devices connected like game consoles, tablets, lights, and any other connected home device, you can shut things on and off at any time. If your home network is a little more simple you can set up one SOAP wireless router and just control the wireless devices connected like computers, laptops, tablets etc. or if you have a home that is completely connected, you can link together multiple SOAP routers for a more connected mesh network. SOAP routers are also compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS. you can learn more about SOAP wireless routers from the videos below and if you're interested in backing the device you can head to the indiegogo page to become a backer.

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