Slides Has Left Google Drive To Have Its Very Own App

June 25, 2014 - Written By Jamil Bryant

All of us Google users are quite familiar with Google Drive. Personally, Google Drive has been my best friends since my days back in high school and is still by my side while I work through college. If you’re an avid Drive user like me, than you have more than likely downloaded the Google Docs app, which is simply a standalone app for Docs that quickly gets you writing. Well following that release is Google’s next standalone Drive app which is Slides. Slides is an alternative to Microsoft’s Powerpoint which is available in the Play Store. Slides is Google Drive’s second standalone app and has kind of turned Drive into someone of just a storage place for all of your creations.

The primary goal that Google wishes to do is make Google Drive a place where you can view and edit all of your documents and presentations in the cloud. Each office app that was within Google Drive will now be separated and have their very own app. There are pro’s and cons about this move Google is making. The cons about this is that all of the office alternatives that were once in the app are now being separated and must be downloaded to your device. The pros about this move is that now you can pick which with office alternative you would like instead of having a long list of them being presented in front of you. Also you can view and edit your files without a data connection to Google Drive. This makes it way easier to use Google Docs or even slides because now you do not need a connection to do anything, its all done offline, or online if you’re connected. Its the fact that you don’t have anything stopping you from accessing your files.

Google slides is free and available in the Google Play Store. It’s the latest to receive a standalone app and more than likely will not be the last. What do you think about the latest Drive app? Is Google making the right moves or should they keep everything all in one place? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, we want to hear from you!