Since the Original Galaxy S, Samsung Has Launched Over 100 Android Smartphones


Samsung, Android's biggest fan next to Google, is a massive company hailing from South Korea that makes high quality electronics, from televisions to refrigerators, washing machines to cell phones.  The smartphone industry really began with the Apple iPhone's release in 2007, and Android's entrance was in the form of the T-Mobile HTC G1 (also recognized as the HTC Dream).  From that point, Android and iOS have competed globally for control and market share of the global citizens' pockets and checkbooks.

Samsung has become the leading Android manufacturer, as of late.  And they have good reason to be recognized as the biggest, besides just having 'tons of products out at once'.  The Korean company has now launched 114 Android smartphones, according to some math and a database that PhoneArena is known for.  The Samsung machine is huge and powerful, and that number is proof of its prowess and covering of every aspect of Android mobile phone OS.  Note, though, this doesn't include tablets or anything besides smartphones.  That's impressive, to say the least.

Yes, Samsung has been criticized for flooding the field of choice with different screen sizes with the same internal specifications and names, and they may even have had an issue with copying the original iPhone design, seeing as both companies' phones were 'black rectangles, with evenly angled curved corners, with the icons on the screen being square and evenly spaced out', to paraphrase from one of Apple's most famous and ridiculously vague patents used against the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II.

But how did Samsung manage to get, and be able to keep, so many devices on the market?  Recall with me the days of 2010, when the Galaxy S i9000 was released, followed by the S II, and so on, until this past April, the Galaxy S5 was released, and it broke all of Samsung's already outlandish records for shipments in X amount of days, and X number of units sold/shipped.  The bottom line: Samsung has been making high-quality and high-popularity devices for a while, and has it down to a science.  Samsung, here's to another hundred. Check out the database on PhoneArena's site to get a real reading on the number of devices Samsung has put out over the years.  Recommended filters are "smartphone" and "Android", for type and OS fields.  Have fun with the math, or take our word for it; it's a lot.

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