Simplified Permissions Comes To More Android Users With Play Store Update 4.8.20

June 4, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Over the last few weeks users have been getting the latest update to the Play Store rolled out to them which contains a notable change that should make some users happy. Simplified permissions. This will be new to some users as the rollout of the update is still happening for some while others have been able to view the simplified permissions for applications and games in the Play Store for a little while now. Before this update, users weren’t able to see permissions for anything until they proceeded to install the application, more specifically, after they actually hit the install button just before the process began to start the download.

Now, the simplified permissions are doing just what the name suggests, keeping things simple and easier to understand for users. For the most part the permissions still look the same and you can still only view them after you hit the install button on an application or game, but now the permissions are separated out into categories with icon indicators to detail what each permission pertains to, and users can tap on each category to see a breakdown of what each simplified Permission header entails. Prior to the update the Permissions were just strewn across the screen and tapping on each permission would open up a window panel on top of the one that listed the permissions to give the user extra information about that specific permission. Things are set up in a drop down style panel now making things much simpler and keeping all of the information in one panel.

This Play Store update brings users forward to version 4.8.20 which should make it so that everyone will now have the access to simplified permissions. In version 4.8.19 some users already had this capability although not everyone had the feature change, so this update aims to bring everyone forward with it. With the new Play Store update you can also now view the permissions without hitting the install button by scrolling down to the bottom of the app details page, and hitting the link labeled Permissions, which will bring up the same simplified permissions window one sees after starting the install of an app or game. If you haven’t gotten the update yet you can hit the download link here and grab the apk for yourself.