Samsung to Unveil Galaxy Glass Alongside a Curved Display Note 4 at IFA Berlin 2014

Samsung Gear Glass 2

Samsung tends to bring their best to IFA Berlin each year. This year should be no different. New rumors coming out of Korea about Samsung’s plans for this year are really interesting. A senior executive at one of Samsung’s suppliers has spilled the beans on these plans. The Galaxy Note 4 is expected, but Samsung is supposedly going to be releasing its Google Glass competitor, their own Gear Glass. We’ve seen the Gear Glass pop up in rumors previously. In addition, the Note 4 may come in two variants, one with a curved AMOLED display. The curved Note 4 is intended for niche markets, but it would be a noteworthy release. A Note 4 with a more traditional flat display will also be released for most of the world. We don’t know which niche markets the curved Note 4 will be released in.

The Gear Glass is Samsung’s eyepiece device that looks like something out of Dragon Ball Z. Samsung is working on eyewear that more closely resembles traditional glasses, but the Gear Glass is a single display/eyepiece that attaches to your ear. There’s an earbud, too, which will assumedly allow you to make calls and hear notifications from an attached device. The Gear Glass may only work with Samsung devices, the way the Gear watches are only compatible certain Galaxy devices. Samsung really wants to be Apple in this respect. They’d be better off making their wearables compatible with any Android device, but that’s probably a pipe dream.

Samsung is rumored to be bringing additional wearables to IFA Berlin this year, although we don’t know what those will be. We could be looking at a Gear 3, or even an Android Wear smartwatch. They’re working on some new curved OLED TVs. In addition, the company wants to changed their perception as a hardware company and be known as a solutions provider.

A Note 4 with a curved display is pretty interesting. The Gear Glass will make you look more ridiculous that an early version of Google Glass. Whatever happens, Samsung is going to continue expanding their empire. IFA 2014 is going to be jam-packed.