Samsung Licenses Apical's Assertive Display Technology for Next Gen Exynos Processors

The display is the first and last thing we look at on our smartphones - all of our information, pictures, video, games and messaging come to us via the display...and when we check out battery consumption, the display is number one on the list - I think we can all agree that the display is important.  As we rely more and more on our smartphone, it is more important than ever that we have a display that we can easily read in all forms of light, especially daylight, a display that replicates true colors and one that will drain our batteries as little as possible.  Apical has been a leader in what they call 'Assertive Display Technology,' and Samsung has just licensed this technology to use with their next generation Exynos Processor, although we must point out the Qualcomm's Snapdragon is also licensed for Assertive Display, so hopefully Samsung will use that technology on all of their smartphones.

Assertive Display is an advanced display management core that will give the viewer a high-quality display even in bright sunlight and at the same time will lower the power consumption.  This technology actually adjusts each individual pixel in real-time by using models of how the human eye responds to different viewing environments.  Assertive Display takes control of both the screen brightness and the color of each individual pixel and continually adjusts them for whatever lighting conditions we are experiencing - from total darkness to bright sunlight.

In the top picture (below) the display on the left is using 50-percent power savings in normal mode, while the picture on the right is using the same reduced power, but with the Assertive Display mode activated.  Using the Assertive Display mode can drastically increase the battery life while giving us a much better image.

Watching a video or movie outdoors was almost impossible before Assertive Display - the screen on the bottom-left without Assertive Display and the same image on the bottom-right picture with Assertive Display mode activated...and both devices are using the same amount of battery power.  By using state-of-the-art pixel processing algorithms the effective contrast can appear to be 1000:1, much like an HDTV, when the real contrast ratio is around 10:1, much like an LCD or OLED display in bright sunlight.

It is nice to see Samsung working on giving us the best possible display in the next generation Exynos and, hopefully, Snapdragon devices...we wonder if this will be incorporated into the Galaxy Note 4 and will certainly let you know as soon as we find out.

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